Travel Apps: Your Ultimate 2015 Travel Guide

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The most comforting factor in the world today is that everything is in your hands, literally! That palm-sized device clasped in your hand seems as if it has been sent from heaven to be your guiding angel. The icing on the cake is the applications or APPS (as they are called now) that once installed in your device can offer you a hassle-free getaway from significant day-to-day problems. These apps have made big things look small, for instance if you are in an over populated country like India where railways is preferred more than airways then booking a ticket doesn’t remain a piece of cake; however, a travel app here can act like a life-saver by helping you find the right train, giving you details about its availability and then finally enabling you to book a ticket without having to stand in endless queues. Now that’s the magic of what we call a travel app.

The year 2015 looks quiet promising in this regard; with the launch of as many as hundred travel applications and many more in the pipeline, 2015 will be the year that will keep all the travel related setbacks to a minimum. Here is why you should consider these travel apps as your ultimate travel guide in 2015.

Travel App as Your Guide to the Best Trip

Planning a short trip or a long vacation to a place you have no clue about? Well, let the travel app feature help you here. There is sizeable number of travel apps ranging from Trip Advisor to Instagram that helps you book the right flight at the right price and the right hotel within your budget. AND that’s not all; you can read reviews and recommendation from the travellers who have already been to this destination by using an app like Localeur. These apps like Foodspotting also help you find some of the best bars, cafés, eateries and places to hangout that too only at the click of a button.

Travel App as a Travel Expert

Once your travel destination is decided and your leaves are sanctioned, you can use your travel app to prepare a suitable itinerary for you. Just feed in your necessary details as in the date of travelling, budget and other preferences and Voila! Let the travel app like WorldMate bring to you the best experiences of the trip for you. The organized itinerary will help you manage each day of trip well without you having to waste time on what to do next.

Travel App as Your Weatherman

There are travel apps like WeatherPro and Marine:Europe that prepare intuitive weather reports and keep you updated with any threatening weather change, water condition and tide predictions. This app will you help avoid any unpleasant experience.

Weather Pro

Travel App as Your Packing Expert

Travel apps can also help you pack the right things for the right place. If you are crummy packer, who doesn’t know what all you will be needing on your vacation, then application like PackingPro can be your friend in need. All you have to do is to feed essential information such as what is your destination and for how long, this travel app can help you pack perfect with dividing the categories into, clothes, gadgets and other relevant items. Now isn’t this app an apple of your eye!

Travel App as Your City Guide

And never shall again you will be lost in an unknown land, promises some of the travel apps like AlpineQuest GPS Hiking, New York Subway and Waze. These apps offer route planner, maps and GPS tracker that will help you get the right and quickest way to reach a destination. There are apps like Hailo that are nothing but a life-saver, with you filling with all the information of the location; you can ask a cab to ‘pick you up’. So, you know, you are never alone and unsafe in an unknown city.

Travel App as Currency Convertor

In 2015, your travel app will do the math for you. Application like XE Currency helps you with conversion of currency that too by following few simple steps. This app uses the live currency rate and is absolutely accurate. On the other side, travel app like Tripulator is stylish applications that tell how much you need to tip in any of restaurants across the globe.

XE currency travel app

Travel App as Your Local Transport Guide

Looking for local transport to commute in the city you are vacationing in? No problem, travel app like HopStop can guide you around in return of few taps on your phone. Covering information on local transport options and routes of about 68 countries, HopStop is your stop-by-stop guide

Travel App as Your Interpreter

One often experiences the barrier of language when travelling to another country but with travel app like Lost in Translation things become quite subtle and easy. This amazing app comes equipped with 36 languages and instant voice recognition, also a unique feature that easily forward translation through emails and texts. Promising accurate translations, this travel app looks promising in making your abroad trips simple and fun altogether.

Travel App as Internet Guru

How all of us hate those unnecessary roaming charges while on a holiday. Well, travel app Onavu save your holiday to get ruined. Once installed, this app compresses the data that is required to perform any task (email and posting on social network sites) automatically while you are on roaming. So, now you can enjoy your holiday and post check-in status and share photos as many times in a day you want without having to think about the bill!

Travel App as Your Skin Care Expert

We were little indecisive as in adding this last type of travel app to this list but then realized its importance as it is a crucial app for those planning to vacation in sunny climes. Travel app like Sunscreen actually takes care of your beauty and health. The app allows you to calculate the UVI ratings and it alerts you when you need another slathering of sunscreen. One has to fill information as that of skin type and SPF of the lotion and rest you can leave upto this app.

So, you see a single travel app can work miracles to your holiday. Right from fixing your itinerary to making flight, bus and train bookings, from warning you about bad weather to taking care of your skin, these travel apps are really on the go in 2015. So, browse and select the travel application that suits you the best and enjoy hassle-free travelling all year!

Which of these apps do you use the most?

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