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Las Vegas remains to be one of the most popular destinations for travelers from all over the world. Statistics from 2013 showed that Sin City, widely known as the Gambling Capital of the World, received nearly 40 million visitors. With global travel becoming more affordable now more than ever, this number continues to rise, and Vegas remains to be a must-see among many travelers' books.

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But it's always important for us to plan ahead, and with PEW Internet Research showing that 58% of Americans now own a smartphone, and Gaming Realms, the owners of mobile gaming website Spin Genie, saying that growth in mobile internet is the most potent force in the internet landscape, there's no excuse to not use them to plan your trip to Vegas.

Apps are now a huge focus for many tech companies today especially for niches like travel. So, with such a drive to create the most informative apps on the market, what apps are really catching the eye when it comes to planning for Vegas vacations?

Vegas Mate

Firstly, there's Vegas Mate, which is perfect for people who have never ventured to Las Vegas before, as it can prove to be helpful when trying to navigate the city. It's basically a digital travel guide that covers all bases including directions, restaurants, live entertainment recommendations and even helps you book a cab if you need to.

Open Table

Additionally, the app is also compatible with renowned restaurant app Open Table, so it'll aid you in securing reservation at any restaurant within the city. It's available on iPhone or iPad and is completely free. But the best part about Vegas Mate is that fact that the user can source information and articles from all the local newspapers if needed.

Las Vegas Guide

Also, there's Las Vegas Guide which is a GPS-based app that has all the facilities of Vegas Mate and more. During your trip, you can "create your own trip journal" within the app and log pictures. Read the thousands of user reviews from fellow Las Vegas Guide community members as well as reading up on facts about the city.

This app is also free to download and it works offline. Like Vegas Mate this is also a perfect platform the help you in booking anything from restaurant reservations; to hotels; to a day at the spa. It comes highly recommended and has a very large community of users.

If you have any useful Vegas-themed apps that have helped you explore the vast realms of the city, let us know!

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Niel Race has spent the past three years visiting the world's most popular tourist destinations. Working as a digital nomad, Niel has found the perfect way to use his love for all things tech to make his travels easier and more organized. After spending the past two weeks in Las Vegas, he plans to travel to Angkor Wat in Cambodia for a change of pace.

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