Where to Get Your Grub on in South Padre Island

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South Padre is known for lots of things. Good beaches. Great fishing. The madness of Spring Break. And of course great seafood. However, there is much more culinary fun to be had on this humble island than mere seafood. Come with me on a culinary odyssey across all of South Padre Island!

Yummies Bistro

It's always important to start your day off with a breakfast that is at least filling, if not healthy. (I'm not here to give you life advice, merely food advice.) For that there is no better place than Yummies Bistro. Their food is so good they don't even need a web site to promote it -- people just know.

The breakfast is all-encompassing. From eggs any way imaginable to pancakes, waffles, burritos and more, there is something here to satisfy everyone. Be careful not too eat too much though. More times than not I've left here eager to crawl back into bed, rather than start an active day. Oh -- and they also make a pretty mean lunch.


BURGERFI, home of the best burger on South Padre Island

A good hamburger requires equal parts good beef, choice toppings, a fresh homemade bun and a dash of secret sauce. Using this powerful formula BURGERFI has managed to create amazing melt-in-your-mouth burgers that will leave you wanting to come back to South Padre Island just for them, forget the beach! Don't believe me? Try one. I recommend The Twenty Eight.

Gabriella's Italian Grill And Pizzeria

Pizza is delicious anywhere but especially on the beach with a cold beer nearby. Even more so if it is from Gabriella's Italian Grill And Pizzeria. I'm telling you, this place is amazing! Hands-down the best pizza on the island. And trust me, I've tried them all

Their menu features such decadent pizzas as The Soprano (perfect for any meat-loving man), The Leaning Tower of Cheeza and the Leonardo d’Veggie. All of these are cooked in a massive brick wood-fire oven -- as all good pizzas are. For guests who choose to dine in, you will have a magnificent view of this grill from your table. Or order delivery and have the pizza come to you on the beach.

Pier 19

No article on South Padre Island food would be complete without a little seafood. Behold, Pier 19, my favorite seafood restaurant in all of South Padre! They are also the home of the second best breakfast on the island -- although I would not recommend mixing the two.

Set out on the end of a wooden pier, Pier 19 is also a great place for a romantic dinner and great views of the Gulf. Their menu features a bit of everything, from pasta to sandwiches to south of the border; however it's with their seafood that they really shine. Whatever your preference, have confidence that the chef here will leave you impressed.

Still planning your Texas vacation? Check out my South Padre Island archives for even more travel guides, tips and advice. Enjoy!

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