Recent Site Updates

In between journeys I always try to improve the HoliDaze. As such, you can usually tell whether I am on the road or stationary depending on the amount of updates going on here at the HoliDaze.

Dec 03 2013

Check Out The All New HoliDaze Blog

Just in time for the HoliDaze--I mean holidays--the blog has been completely redesigned and easier to navigate. What's new? Ultimate Travel Blogger Bucket List, blogger interviews, product/destination reviews, and more!

Oct 12 2013

Watch Derek's Indonesian Tourism Film

The RTW trek might not be going as planned but Derek is having all kinds of unexpected adventures. Check out this tourism video he just did for Siak, in Sumatra. And be sure to follow along on his journey!

Apr 29 2013

The Great 4-Year Land Travel Adventure

The newest HoliDaze adventure? All the way from Indonesia to Portugal via land/sea travel only. This solo trek will take an estimated four years and readers should expect the unexpected. Find out more!


Navigation / URL Changes

Due to a URL restructuring all of the Likes, +1s, tweets, and StumbleUpon counters have unfortunately all been reset to zero. Sorry! It needed to happen and had been put off long enough. However all old URLs will continue to work.

URLs shortened to remove red text:[POST#]-[TITLE]
Author pages moved from:[-NAME-]   TO -->[-NAME-]


Resumed Travel Blogger Interviews

To be posted weekly (depending on my current location and internet status) on the HoliDaze Blog. First up: Jeremy Foster of travelFREAK. Interested in applying?


Redesigned The Traveler Interview Area

Continuing the HoliDaze updates, today I present the improved interview section, which features the top bloggers in a stylish new format. Take a look and share your favorites. More updates tomorrow, more interviews next.


New External Link Directories

The old links section was too crowded so here is a new one. Features include pictures and separate search. One directory is for blogs, the other for travel-related businesses such as hostels, excursions, unique local options, and more.


New Travel-Themed Website Design

A stylish new design for the new year! The HoliDaze is faster loading, easier to navigate, and more fun to browse thanks to all the new features. There is plenty more to come in Jan, I'll be off the road and at home playing catch-up.


Social Login Issues Fixed, Active Again

Use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, WordPress, FourSqaure, Yahoo, or LiveJournal to easily create a HoliDaze account.


Re-designed The HoliDaze Blog

Ever since North Korea copied my blog I've been wanting a new design for my blog. Now I finally have it. Too bad I don't blog more.


Updated rel=author Links

This helps authors connect, validate, and protect their work. Members with a Google+ account should include that link in their HoliDaze profile and add under the 'Contributor to' section of their G+ About page. Learn More About rel=author