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We were driving out of the Loire Valley and heading towards the Normandy coast. However before we got to the seafood heaven, we had one more chateau stop to make : The Chateau de Villandry. The first time I heard of this place was on a TV show (Around the World in 80 Gardens), and they called it “The Garden of France”.

Still owned by the Carvallo family who purchased the property in 1906, Villandry is known for it massive garden instead of the chateau itself. Walked up to the boulevard on the side of the garden, you got this sweeping view of the entire property. Even I knew this place was huge, I was still surprised when I saw it with my own eyes. This was by far the largest family garden I've visited. Seriously, the Carvallos must be a gardening addict.


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There were patches and patches of box hedges filled with colors inside, it was kind of like a colouring book. Everything was laid out in a formal pattern, and they are trimmed meticulously. Beside gardens after gardens of ornamental flowers, they also have a medieval garden that grows edible vegetables. I just love an edible garden which I heard was a popular thing back in the renaissance.

Although the chateau isn’t the focus, it is still a very pleasant visit. Walking through different rooms, you get a different view of the garden from every window. Besides the view, it was also nice to see a place which has an interior that was less royally decorated. It felt a little more homey, with a touch of coziness that you don’t get at Chenonceau or Chambord.

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If you love gardening, this is the place to visit. If you are in the Loire Valley in the blooming season, there's no reason to pass this one out.

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