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View over the Rokin street and Amstel River A street cafe at Amsterdams university quarter Bicycles parked at a narrow street A Dutch "coffee" shop Cute design at a traditional house Vintage drawbridge over a canal Chinesse restaurants A steak house Worn out streetlight One of Amsterdams "grachten" canals Boat party at Amsterdams Gay Pride Parade Google joining Amsterdams Gay Pride Parade KEEP READING
I'm always fascinated by the thought of visiting a place up north where not a lot of tourist would really go (For instance, Faroes Island is still on m list). Somewhere quiet, somewhere pretty but still has a reason for me to visit. As I found myself in Groningen (Holland) one year, I decided to make a day trip to a town up north called Pieterburen for the Zeehondencreche Lenie’t Hart. In short, it’s a town with a seal rehab. It all started when a lady began to rescue injured seals as a personal thing. Now it turned into a… KEEP READING