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Japanese Porn

Japanese School Girls

Okay, you want to hear some bullshit?!? My buddy Ben from work spent a couple years in the military stationed in Tokyo and Osaka and the like. And he warned me that all Japanese porn is censored, even the mainstream kind sold at adult stores. Apparently there are decency laws in place or some such … Read More

OMG F’ing Tokyo!

Japanese Flyer For Girl

Wow, I don’t even know what to say. First off we fucking made it to Tokyo! I can’t believe that in and of itself! Fuck you Officer Tim ha ha! Secondly, I am in heaven. I mean, I loved white girls, especially blondes, when I was younger — but the past few years I have … Read More

Our Tokyo apartment

My Tokyo Flat

ohh man we are finally here in shibuya 15 hours on an airplane wow lil bit crazy…. fun stuff though got kinda drunk on the airplane watched like 3 movies….. BTW Hancock and the hulk…. not so good at all but strange ass lil independent movie called son of rambow what a strangely good movie….. … Read More

Man what a first day in Tokyo

Ever embarrassingly thrown up in public in another county!?!? Well I have 🙂 twice now actually first time in the UK I think that was number 4 for the day crawled back to the apt this morning to die which I think I did sleep throw up sleep throw up and repeat I really feel … Read More