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Spotlight: The Traveling Fool

The HoliDaze Travel Blogger Interviews: The Traveling Fool

Welcome once again to the show that never ends! Hello boys and girls, pleased to be speaking with you all again, but even more pleased to announce that we have a fresh and even more engaging interview this week… That is right, every Friday when people are thinking about the weekend and busy sharing FriFotos, … Read More

Pandora The Explorer, Up-And-Coming Travel Blogger!

The HoliDaze Travel Blogger Interviews: Pandora The Explorer

My goal with the HoliDaze is not to brag about myself or my adventures, but rather connect and network with other travel bloggers, vagabonds, and expats from all around the world. I hope to inspire new travelers by highlighting unique and lesser-known destinations, travel facts, and of course, other awesome blog and bloggers that are … Read More