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Worldwide HoliDaze

Thanks to the increased convenience of air travel and the emergence of a common universal language to help navigate foreign terminals, extensive worldwide travel has become not only possible but more and more popular. Suddenly a trend that is as old as civilization itself has become more accessible to the masses instead of being solely a privilege of the most elite.

Even If You Cannot Travel The World You Can Still Explore Your Hometown!

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Cultural enthusiast and perpetual nomad. "Some people eat, others try therapy. I travel. You should too."

Destination Unknown


Professional career breaker. "No matter how we travel there is always further to go. The world is full of open doors."

The Traveling Fool


Traveler off the tourist path. "Do yourself a favor, get off the tourist path and explore a little. It can be very rewarding."

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Mystery. Scandal. Shocking, unexpected twists and turns. Did I mention the suspensful cliffhangers and conveniently placed commercial breaks? Welcome to the HoliDaze Blog. Learn how to do what Derek does or just live vicariously through him, whichever is right for you -- either way just hop on this amazing ride!


[VIDEO] Siak: The Truly Malay

Our own Derek Freal starred alongside his friend Riyanni Djangkaru in a tourism video on Siak, in the Riau province of Sumatra, Indonesia. Check out the behind the scenes photos and then afterward watch the video. And for more be sure to follow along on Derek's journey!


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  • The Lovely Bones of Kutna Hora
    The Lovely Bones of Kutna Hora Some people think death is the end. But it needn't be. As the good people at the Sedlec Ossuary in the Czech Republic have proven, it seems we can all still be of some use after we leave this earth... as ornate interior decorations. Forget the bone china vase, what about just plain old bone vase? In what can only be described as Changing Rooms / 60 Minute Makeover / Backyard Blitz gone mad, Sedlec…
  • 10 Reasons To Drop Everything And Travel Right Now
    10 Reasons To Drop Everything And Travel Right Now Traveling is one of the most rewarding experiences you can ever have. Unfortunately, many people allow life's stresses to get in the way. Here's why you should drop everything right now and hit the road. 1. To Learn Something About Yourself Travel is all about throwing yourself into the unknown and experiencing new things. When you're faced with challenges like having to navigate foreign languages and transportation systems you learn more about yourself and what…
  • Where My Dogs At!? Dogsledding in British Columbia.
    Where My Dogs At!? Dogsledding in British Columbia. The late December snow and ice crunched almost rythymically under our feet as we approached the isolated dog kennel nestled in the backwoods of Whistler, BC. Dusk was rapidly turning into dark, but the fleet of Alaskan huskies designated to pull our sled were bouncing with energy like it was high noon. "Don't let them lick you in the face!" shouted one of the tour guides as she approached us bearing an arm full of…
  • Plan a Great Vacation for Teenagers Visiting You in New York
    It is exciting to have loved ones visit us during vacations. We make lists of all the fun things we want to do along with them, the places we want to show them, the different foods we want them to try, and what not. If there's a teenager or two in the pack coming to visit you, you'll have to make sure he is kept entertained too. Teenagers get bored easily and they are moody…