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Worldwide HoliDaze

Thanks to the increased convenience of air travel and the emergence of a common universal language to help navigate foreign terminals, extensive worldwide travel has become not only possible but more and more popular. Suddenly a trend that is as old as civilization itself has become more accessible to the masses instead of being solely a privilege of the most elite.

Even If You Cannot Travel The World You Can Still Explore Your Hometown!

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The HoliDaze Blog


Currently on the first leg of RTW trip: Indonesia to Portugal via land/sea travel only.

Destination Unknown


No matter how we travel there is always further to go. The world is full of open doors.

The Traveling Fool


Do yourself a favor, get off the tourist path and explore a little. It can be very rewarding.

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Jeremy Foster

3+ years on the road and counting, here is a man with an addiction to one-way plane tickets and a passion for storytelling.

Flashpacker Family


Semi-nomadic family from New Zealand most often found out enjoying the world.


Travel Evangelist Nate

Traveling writer, photographer, and hand model with a deep-seated lust for BBQ pork.

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Cody & Darion

2 Guys Trippin'

Seeking adventure and living life to the max. Remember: It's not a vacation...it's a trip!

Cara Lopez Lee

Girls Trek Too

Author; her blog is dedicated to inspiring women to approach life as an adventure.


Fashionista's Travel

A passion for fashion and style, combined with a love of exploring new places.

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Much More Premiering Soon

As you may have noticed, the HoliDaze is in the middle of an real-time overhaul. Please forgive me if any of the pages look a little bit funny or a few links are temporarily unavailable...I am working as fast as I can but might not have it all finished for another 24 hours or so.

This is also why I have not been active on Twitter and have recently fallen behind on my emails as well. It is because I already have enough distractions in my real life that now I need to avoid any new online distractions, at least until the new layout is finished.

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Check Out The All New HoliDaze Blog

Just in time for the HoliDaze--I mean holidays--the blog has been completely redesigned and easier to navigate. What's new? Ultimate Travel Blogger Bucket List, blogger interviews, product/destination reviews, and more!


Watch Derek's Indonesian Tourism Film

The RTW trek might not be going as planned but Derek is having all kinds of unexpected adventures. Check out this tourism video he just did for Siak, in Sumatra. And be sure to follow along on his journey!


The Great 4-Year Land Travel Adventure

The newest HoliDaze adventure? All the way from Indonesia to Portugal via land/sea travel only. This solo trek will take an estimated four years and readers should expect the unexpected. Find out more!

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    Written by
    DINING AT LILIW, LAGUNA       I never thought that dining at Liliw, Laguna would be as pleasant as dining in a reputable restaurant in Manila but at an absolutely cheaper price tag for every dish in the menu. At first sight, I was intrigued with their appetizer Fried Tofu Teriyaki. I have always loved fried tofu but I usually dip tofu in my mom’s delicious blend of sauce – soy sauce, vinegar, sugar and lots of garlic. So it…
  • Enjoyable Activities For A Fun Swiss Adventure
    Written by
    The many attractions of Switzerland make it an excellent destination for a European adventure. From the majestic beauty of mountain landscapes to the cultural attractions of some historic cities, there is much for visitors to enjoy on a trip to this landlocked country. Aside from the usual Swiss highlights, there are plenty of other things to see and do and the following are some to consider. Enter a Ski Marathon Switzerland has long been a…
    Written by
    LAGUNA'S PRIDE : ALING TALENG'S HALO-HALO   It was not a case of serendipity when I checked out one of Laguna's pride - Aling Taleng's Halo-Halo. When my friend and talented photographer Mike Caballes pitched the Laguna topic to our 7107 magazine editor-in-chief, and upon learning our route, I instantly insisted of visiting one dining area - Aling Taleng's Halo Halo. Why wouldn't I insist when this is one of the oldest halo-halo serving establishments in the country today (originally established…
  • Top 10 Tips for the Indian Backpacker Traveling through Vietnam
    Written by
    (Image credit: upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/81/SaigonCollage.jpg) Vietnam is slowly but surely emerging as the preferred Southeast Asian destination for backpackers all over the globe. And why not? With so much to offer in terms of exotic street food, long pristine beaches with clear waters, ethnic people and lifestyles, ancient cities and monuments with rich history, breathtaking trekking locales, gorgeous landscapes and a vibrant nightlife, it truly does have all the ingredients that go into making a perfect holiday…