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Everybody and their mother has a travel blog now. For new travel bloggers can be damn hard to stand apart from the pack and gain an audience. That’s why the The HoliDaze has been highlighting the Best New Travel Blogs that you aren’t reading yet since January 2014. Originally issued every two months, now the Best New Travel Blog Awards are only given out once a year — and final call is on for new applicants. Register at the bottom.

Cliffside camping. Yes, some new travel bloggers are doing some awesome shit. That's why they deserve the Best New Travel Blog Award.

These bloggers are doing awesome things in far-flung corners of the globe. They have some great stories to tell and styles of writing that will captivate you. Some of them might be doing things a little bit different, but if you’re reading The HoliDaze you already realize that I do things differently. Different is good. Like Derek’s Rants & Rambles on life as a nomad.

More information on the criteria these blogs are judged on and how to submit a blog can be found below the articles at the bottom of this page.

Best New Travel Blogs of July 2015

This month’s best new travel blogs cover travel stories so funny you’ll pee yourself, overlanding through Latin America, travel photography tips and tricks, travel planning advice, RTW adventures plus beer,…

Best New Travel Blogs Of September 2014

This month’s featured blogs focus primarily on adventure travel, cultural experiences, must-visit bucket list destinations, budget backpacking through Asia and much more. Dozens upon dozens of countries from the UK…

What Criteria Are New Blogs Judged On?

A variety of factors are considered when selecting new blogs for this award. Among them are creativity, blog design, site navigability and the “enthrallment factor” — do I want to read more?

Other key points include:

  • Frequency of new posts
  • Frequency of responses to reader comments
  • Creativity & original ideas / standing apart from every other damn travel blog
  • Potential blog longevity (Ex: if you are starting a blog to document a set one year RTW adventure, will you actually continue blogging after that? Or will your blog just die and fade back into obscurity?)
  • NOT emailing me asking to be interviewed. This is not a fucking interview series! Those are a dime a dozen and this series requires lots of tedious work, like reading. And lots of it.

What Rules Apply To Award Candidates?

There is only one firm rule for BNTBA submission: all applicant blogs must be less than one year old.

How Do I Submit A Blog?

You can submit a blog — either your own or one that you have fallen in love with — by filling out the form below.

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