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Luxury travel guides, tips, recommendations and reviews designed for discerning travelers who understand that sometimes it costs to be comfortable. After more than a decade of traveling nonstop, I have become increasingly picky in recent years. Below is a collection of recent luxurious experiences and helpful travel tips / suggestions for your next escape.

Luxury Travel Guides to Popular Destinations Around the Globe

Common Luxury Car Renting Mistakes To Avoid

Renting a luxury car for business or pleasure can be exciting. There is a unique thrill that comes from driving an exotic or luxury vehicle. Whether you’re renting a luxury…

Travel Guide For Your First Time In Monaco

The very mention of Monaco evokes images of glamorous ladies in evening wear escorted by dashing gentlemen to the tables at one of the many casinos in this small country….

Off The Beaten Path in The Bahamas

Just because this archipelago is a hugely popular destination for cruise ships and romantic getaways, don’t be fooled into believing that there is no stone left unturned in the Bahamas….

27 Things You Do Not Know About Bhutan

A question I am commonly asked is “what is your favourite country to visit”? Having been to nearly 50 countries makes this a difficult question to answer but there is…