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Budgeting Your RTW Trip.

Travel longer by hitting the right spots and knowing the right tricks.

Smart travelers know that every bit of cash they save equals a little bit longer that they can travel. Budget travel can be easier than you think — and is no longer limited solely to backpackers and hippies 😉

Budget Travel Guides, Tips, Tricks & Advice

Discovering the Joys Your Home State Offers

When you think travel destinations, “far away places with strange-sounding names” likely come to mind. But while there are plenty of these you can visit, going there can be an…

Seven Rules for the Avid Traveler

Do you consider yourself an avid traveler? Are you the type who is always ready and willing to visit a new destination, exotic locations, and really immerse yourself in the…

Top 10 Travel Tips For Backpacking Vietnam

Vietnam is slowly but surely emerging as the preferred Southeast Asian destination for backpackers all over the globe. And why not? With so much to offer in terms of exotic…

Top 5 Best (And Worst) Things About Solo Travel

When I typed “solo travel” into Google today, it returned 60 million hits – yes, 60 million! As the world grows smaller through technological advances and travel becomes more accessible,…

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