The HoliDaze Rickshaw Run

  The Who   Our Rickshaw Run had 84 teams (2-3 people each) competing to see who can make it across India with all their limbs and ‘shaws intact, almost all of whom were foreigners. Having a local on your team kind of takes all the fun and challenge out of the Rickshaw Run 😉 Meet “Teen Romanchak Yaar”

Usually around 95% of the teams are able to limp across the finish line eventually, but there are always those few individuals who manage to crash their rickshaw into a temple, get kidnapped, or just plain end up having to dive out of their rickshaw as it bursts into flames on the open road and then just stand around, watching it and all their possessions burn to a crisp. (I’m looking your way Brad!)

  The What   How silly of me, this whole time you have probably been wondering “what the fuck is a rickshaw?!” A rickshaw, also known as a tuk-tuk or bajaj, is a petrol-powered three-wheeled vehicular device of dubious safety used throughout Asia to transport people short distances. Key words there being “short distances.” They are not designed for or capable of driving 3,000km in two weeks without breaking down, not even brand new. Only a madman would attempt such a thing…

Of course this is not good enough for The Adventurists, who also run other such epic adrenaline overloads as The Ice Run and Mongol Rally. My suspicion that they purposely purchase the most rickety of the rickshaw in order to keep things interesting has been confirmed:

“They are intentionally crap, but some are more intentionally crap than others.”

  The Where   Our Rickshaw Run begins in Jaisalmer, located in the far west of India. From there we had two weeks to cross the finish line in Shillong, a city at the far east of India, past Bangladesh and Bhutan. There is no set route. Every team is free to go whichever way they please.

Teen Romanchak Yaar Rickshaw Run route

And for those of you who don’t know where India is but are too afraid to ask  

  The When   We did our Rickshaw Run back in 2015 but you can still do yours. There are three held every year across the three different sides of India. Check out the Adventurists web site for more information.

  The Why   Why not? This is one of those events that can drive someone insane. Luckily those who are already essentially there (lucky me?) tend to feel the most sane when in insane situations.

On another, more serious note, it’s also for a good cause. All teams competing in the Rickshaw Run are obligated to raise a minimum of £1,000 ($1,500 USD) for local charities working within India. Together with the help of friends, readers and fellow travel bloggers, $4,047 was raised to be split between:

Cool Earth
Working alongside indigenous villages to halt rainforest destruction
Supporting sustainable social and environmental solutions

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