Adventure Travel Guides

Adventure? Yes Please!

Because travel without any adventures is not traveling, it’s called commuting.
Don’t be a commuter, be a traveler.

Recently I actually found myself wishing for a boring life. That’s how exhausted I have become from nonstop traveling for a decade….literally having too many adventures. (Never thought I’d actually say that aloud, or type it, but wow that day has finally come.)

Needless to say, over the years these experiences have gone through different phases and different chapters as I chase engage in different pursuits and chase different goals. However in the end it turns out that unique and offbeat adventures are priceless and never get boring.

Adventure Travel at its Finest

Get away from the crowds and blaze your own trail wherever possible. Engage in outdoor activities and get the adrenaline flowing. Here are some travel ideas, inspiration and tips to create your own adventures:

The HoliDaze Global Adventure Travel Guides

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