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Trekking Annapurna Conservation Area Guide: What (Not) To Do

Annapurna South, also known as Moditse, as seen from our hotel in Ghorepani

My first experience in Nepal was filled with earthquakes and relief work, so it was not until my third trip to Nepal that I finally got a chance to go trekking Annapurna Conservation Area, something most people do their first trip. Was great to cross another thing off my travel bucket list (because we all … Read More

50 Revealing Photos From Nepal’s Indra Jatra Festival 2015

Lakhae dancers and drummers entertain the crowds

This week marks the start of Nepal’s biggest religious holiday, the annual week-long Indra Jatra festival. This Newari festival dates back to the 10th century and is characterized by grand processions, masked dancers, music, food and religious offerings. It pays tribute to Indra, the Hindu king of heaven. Lakhae dancer on the first day of … Read More

Life in the Mountain Villages of Nepal Post-Quake

Nepal mountaintop view

Life at the top of a mountain may be beautiful, but it certainly isn’t easy. Add an earthquake into the mix and it becomes downright tragic, a daily struggle just to survive that is still ongoing. I’ve been in Nepal for four months now and this is an inside look at what life is like … Read More