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I used to be a very picky eater. Hell, before moving to Japan in 2008 I didn’t even eat seafood. That changed quickly when I started seeing how many new and amazing foods there are. Nowadays it does not matter what it is, Derek Eats That! I’ll eat even the most disgusting and/or controversial “foods” once. After all…

Don't be afraid of what I afraid of what I *WON'T* eat. #foodie #quote Click To Tweet

Traveling opens you up to new foods. Sometimes you are forced to try new foods, either because that is the only option available or because a local is offering it to you and it would be terribly rude to say no. Whatever the case, you quickly learn what’s the worst that could happen? So I don’t like it? Swallow it quickly and then tap a sip from your drink. It’s over in seconds and if it was really that bad, just don’t eat any more.

  When trying new foods, do not ask what you are eating until after you have eaten it. That way you will no have any preconceived notions that affect the taste.

If I didn’t know this was dog, I would be eating this all day…

As the years went by, I started going from merely eating strange/taboo foods to specifically hunting for animals (and body parts) that would make people gag. This offends some people, and I’m sorry for that, but I’m just eating the same thing that countless locals next to me eat every day. I’ll eat anything once — just not McDonald’s.

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