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Because everybody loves free stuff, not just travelers.

For years I’ve been mailing postcards to Twitter fans around the world, but now it is time to begin giving away some real gifts. Travel gear that is actually useful for travelers. Suitcases. Backpacks. Electronics. And more travel accessories to come, so stay tuned for more giveaways.

  Current HoliDaze Giveaways

Nothing going on right now at the moment but we’ve got another great prize coming up in a couple months 😉

  Recent HoliDaze Giveaways

Sadly these prizes have already been claimed and the winners are enjoying their new gifts. Want to be notified when the next HoliDaze giveaway begins? Every new giveaway is privately announced in the HoliDaze newsletter a few days before I publicly post or promote it 😉

The HoliDaze ideas are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter
“Hmmmmm…… The HoliDaze ideas are intriguing and I wish to subscribe to the HoliDaze newsletter” 🙂

FREE Delsey Suitcase

  $150 value — one winner

This brand new designer suitcase from the elegant Delsey of Paris will help make your travels smoother and more stylish. Delsey is the same suitcase brand that I have been using for years and absolutely love. No other suitcase brand has been able to withstand the punishment that I put my luggage through. The winner of this is also registered for a fully paid trip to the French Riviera for two. View The Giveaway  

Past HoliDaze Giveaway Winners Include…

Another HoliDaze giveaways winner thanking me for his new Delsey suitcase
“Thank you HoliDaze for the awesome Delsey suitcase!” ~Bijan
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