Ahhhhhh Japan. My first foreign home (and still my favorite country in the world). By 2008 I had built up so much PTO from my corporate career that I had to “use it or lose it” — so I moved to Tokyo for six months. Little did I know that this would be the catalyst for my nomadic lifestyle…

The Land Of The Rising Sun

The HoliDaze began life as Shibuya Daze back in 2008 when I first moved to the Shibuya ward of Tokyo. After becoming nomadic I eventually got tired of the “What is Shibuya?” question and changed the name to HoliDaze in 2011. Anyway, my point is the Japan section is full of both new, interesting posts and old ramblings that are quite….raw. (Basically just a drunken journal so friends halfway around the world would know I was still alive, not anything that someone who does not know me in real life would ever want to read.)

The Japanese are better at everything....but here are the top 14 impressive Japanese innovations
Welcome to the wonderful world of Japanese toilets. Impressive. Futuristic. And yes, intimidating.
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Life & Adventures in Japan

5 Fun Things To Do In Fukuoka, Japan

If you’re a tourist looking to experience both the age-old and modern parts of Japanese culture, then there’s no better ...
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Planning Your Trip to Osaka in 2020

Osaka, Japan’s second largest city, is often compared to neighboring Kyoto, which seems to be more vibrant and bustling than ...
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Japanese Toilets: Impressive, Futuristic…And Daunting To First-Timers

There is nothing more gratifying than a top notch toilet. And when it comes to fancy toilets it is fairly ...
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Traditional Alcoholic Beverages To Try While Traveling

Do you love an ice cold bottle of beer or a glass of wine? No, I’m not going to tell ...
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Best Destinations for Solo Female Travelers

Traveling alone can always be a challenge and a daunting experience — especially for solo female travelers. The sense of ...
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14 Amazing & Impressive Japanese Innovations

One of the best things about foreign travel is the knowledge that invariably comes with it. It provides the opportunity ...
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FriFotos: Enjoying The Frozen Mountaintops Of The World

When asked to choose between beaches or mountains I invariably opt for higher altitude. Don’t get me wrong, beaches can ...
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Giving Thanks For My First Trip To Japan #FriFotos

This week’s FriFotos theme is ‘thanks,’ meant to coincide with Thanksgiving. Unfortunately since I am in southeast Asia and have ...
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Japanese Lodging: Try Something Different

Every country has hotels and hostels…what does Japan do differently? Just because Japan is constantly looking towards the future does ...
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Nonbei Yokocho aka “Drunkards’ Alley” ― Tokyo’s Hidden Nightlife

Translated as “Drunkards Alley” or “Alley Of The Drunkards,” Nonbei Yokocho is two parallel alleys in Shibuya, Tokyo full of ...
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What is the strangest thing you have ever eaten while traveling?

I’ll start in Japan I tried everything that was handed to me 99% good. Then I tried this octopus and ...
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