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If you don’t experience the local culture, why travel at all?

Experiencing new cultures is one of the best parts of traveling. It is these cultural adventures, advice, escapades, exploits, mishaps and misunderstandings that make travel so damn entertaining and addictive. Sure, the adventures are fun and food is delicious, however it is the culture of a country that best distinguishes each nation from its neighbors. Cultural travel experiences include any destinations, activities and sights that offer a better glimpse into the history of a particular civilization or current local life. UNESCO World Heritage Sites are a popular example but there is also plenty of culture to be found just by getting off the beaten path and exploring places full of locals, not tourists.

Beaches are not cultural. They are just beaches.

Learning more about a country’s culture makes traveling more rewarding and every destination more meaningful. It increases both understanding and appreciation of everything that is important to locals. It is about admiring places not just for their beauty as well as their cultural significance. Culture turns a 2-dimensional country into 3-D.

  Ever watched a foreign comedian only to not understood the jokes? With no grasp of that culture the jokes do not make sense. The history is confusing. The museums are boring. So much potential is lost. Thankfully a little knowledge of the country you are visiting goes a long way and is guaranteed to make for a more memorable experience.

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