The HoliDaze

1. rants and ramblings of a perpetual nomad since 2008.

2. feelings of excitement that accompany unique, off the beaten path travel experiences.

This is the story about a boy named Derek

He had a fancy corporate career but worked too hard and suffered a quarter-life crisis in his early 20’s.

So Derek gave it all up and began traveling.

Here’s What Happened…

Fuck this shit, I'm out -- let The HoliDaze begin!

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Get off the beaten path

Some people eat, others try therapy. I travel.

Travel isn’t about airplanes and immigration, it’s about immersing yourself in the local culture, getting off the beaten path, and learning/experiencing new things. New sights, new foods, new ways of life, even new religions.

People who brag about their number of passport stamps are betted suited to give you hotel recommendations than local, authentic destinations. Travel offbeat. Travel different. Don’t have a holiday, go on a HoliDaze!

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