HoliDaze Highlights

The HoliDaze Highlights

10 Years of the Best & Worst

These are certainly not my finest moments, but they are the most memorable. A lot can happen during 10 years of nonstop traveling. The HoliDaze highlights are me at my best and my worst. From inspirational to offensive, it is all here. The adventures, stories, quotes and discoveries that have, for better or worse, become some of the things that myself and/or The HoliDaze is known for.

While I do not expect you to agree with everything, I at least hope that you will keep an open mind and always remember to see things from both perspectives before leaping to a judgement.

The HoliDaze Highlights & Hiccups  

  Derek Eats That!

    food   street food

“Don’t be afraid of what I eat….be afraid of what I won’t eat.” Derek Eats That! is a travel food video series where I will eat basically anything once. From delicious to disgusting with the occasional touch of taboo, these are some of the best and worst foods around the world.

  First Impressions Abroad

    culture shock   locals / local life

Nothing can duplicate those first impressions when you arrive in a strange new country. That is why I write “first impressions” posts within 48 hours of my arrival. Later, after better learning the country and culture, these first impressions posts become entertaining. But for first time visitors they are valuable posts to read before you visit.

HoliDaze Travel Videos  

  destinations   portfolio

For years I have been producing videos for clients in the travel/tourism industry — primarily hotels/resorts, excursion companies and tourism boards. These range from simple social media videos to full-fledged television commercials. Afterward I use the leftover footage to make travel videos for The HoliDaze YouTube channel. Best part is that each video comes with a behind the scenes blog post — view them all here 😉

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