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What, you want to contact me? Oh, well, I'm honored. Maybe. Guess it depends on what you have to say. Regardless of whether it is a question, comment, suggestion, or even a complaint (although no idea how you could possibly ever have one of those), I read them all. Please email me using the form below or shoot me a quick tweet and let me know what's on your mind.

If you'd simply like to know more about me, where I've been or where I'm going (ha, good luck on that last one...I don't even know the answer to that) please take a look at my blog, which features a brief bio along with my most recent posts -- the rants and ramblings of a permanent nomad since 2009.

There is only one question I despise hearing: "so where are you now?" You have no idea how annoying I find that question, especially because anyone can find that answer in my tweets or most recent blog posts. (Yes, there are two sections to The HoliDaze: this one, the core portion of the site with over 100 different authors from around the globe, and The HoliDaze Blog, where I'm brutally honest about this nomadic lifestyle that I have chosen to lead.)

Thanks for stopping by...but if you cannot spell my name right your email will be ignored



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