Interviews With Derek Freal

Over the last decade I have participated in more interviews than I could count. (Although to be fair I should confess that my short concentration span makes me unable to count past 14.) Below are a selection of interviews with Derek Freak published by various newspapers, magazines, blogs and travel/tourism brands.

Print Publications Featuring Derek Freal  

·   On Neverending Road Trip article in the Malay Mail, 2017
·   Professional Travel Bloggers: The Dynamic Marketers of the Future in The Daily FT, Sri Lanka
·   3,000km on 3 Wheels: Rickshaw Run on MotorOctane, 2015

Digital Interviews with Derek Freal  

·   Having A Midlife Crisis At 24 posted on Travel With Bender
·   Meet The Nomads: Derek Freal of The HoliDaze on FlipNomad
·   Derek Freal of The HoliDaze on Travel Blogger Interviews
·   Travel Like The HoliDaze on Travel Junkie Indonesia
·   A Week in the Life of Derek Freal: Locked Up Abroad on The Professional Hobo
·   Quit Your Job And Travel For The Rest Of Your Life on Andy Parsons Blog
·   Derek Freal: 80 Countries on This Life In Trips<

Articles with Quotes from Derek Freal  

·   30 Remarkable Travel Bloggers Who Will Make You Insanely Envious on NTripping

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