Rich and diverse cultures. Delicious food and entertaining festivals. Friendly people and impressive history. This is just a tiny part of why Asia — especially the Southeast Asian countries, which have long been budget traveler favorite — is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Over 300 million international tourists visit annually and that number is increasing rapidly every year. (Between 2015 and 2016 tourism to Asia increased 9%!)

It is hard to describe just how many amazing opportunities and adventures await tourists in Asia. No matter what you like, you can find it here. Don’t believe me? Take a look at some of my adventures, tips and travel guides below, then hop on a plane and come witness it all for yourself!

I’ve spent more time traveling Asia than any other continent — ask me if you have any questions 😃
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Asia Adventures, Travel Guides, Videos & Epic Stories!

Exploring India Off The Beaten Path – Volume #2

Exploring India is fun but exploring India off the beaten path is better! Scattered across India’s 28 states and additional ...
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Bahrain’s Most Unique Sights & Activities

The tiny gulf nation of Bahrain is home to a surprising amount of unique sights and activities that appeal to ...
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Unique Meteorological Phenomenon Worth Traveling To See

We all know Mother Nature can be unpredictable, however sometimes she can also be strangely predictable. Or just plain strange. ...
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Found An Abandoned Airplane While Exploring The Beach

It all started while I was exploring an abandoned neighborhood at the end of my beach in Thailand that has ...
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Bali Villas: How to Pick a Vacation Destination

Are you saving up for your next big vacation but do not have an idea on where to go yet? ...
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Planning Your Trip to Osaka in 2020

Osaka, Japan’s second largest city, is often compared to neighboring Kyoto, which seems to be more vibrant and bustling than ...
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5 Unique Singapore Adventures For First-Time Visitors

The tourism industry in Singapore is booming with more than 17.4 million international tourists visiting the country in Southeast Asia ...
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How The Devil Saved Me From Indecent Exposure In Korea

A million to one odds. So many great stories start that way. One great Seinfeld episode even ends that way. ...
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Gamcheon Culture Village: From Shanty Town to Tourist Attraction

Perched on a hillside in Busan, South Korea, this once colorless neighborhood is now a colorful tourist attraction known as ...
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Sex Coins, Wooden Dildos + Other Historic Oddities at the Love Castle Sex Museum

Did you know in ancient Korea women were given coins featuring different sexual positions on their wedding day so they ...
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Inside Changdong Art Village in Masan, Korea (창동예술촌)

Artists are interesting folks and anytime a bunch of them gather in one neighborhood it becomes an interesting neighborhood. A ...
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11 Mildly Disturbing Scenes at the Sex Museum in Gyeongju, Korea

Always a fan of unique and offbeat museums around the world, this adults-only museum is as captivating as it is ...
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