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Years ago The HoliDaze was a travel community with over 100 authors by 2014, however our rise was also our fall. The surplus of new authors creating exponentially new content became too much work during the same year I began producing travel videos (which by the way pay much better). Now only the top 1% of HoliDaze authors remain. Check them out after this quick explanation of what happened to the other 99% ๐Ÿ˜‰

The original purpose of The HoliDaze

Was to promote unknown destinations and unknown travel bloggers.

That was a decade ago, back when we had to explain to people what a “blog” was โ€” unlike nowadays, where everybody and their mother has a travel blog, and the phrase “digital nomad” is thrown around nearly as much as “terrorist.” (I still receive submissions for the Best New Travel Blog Awards every week despite discontinuing the BNTBA years ago.) Once travel blogging went mainstream it was senseless to continue promoting new bloggers instead of promoting new destinations.

Much the same way traveling causes travelers to evolve, no travel blog survives 10 years without evolving. The HoliDaze focuses on cool, quirky, unique, offbeat and off the beaten path destinations and activities around the world. The strange, obscure, local-only places that you won’t find in Lonely Planet or on TripAdvisor. Plus the a healthy dose of travel rants and ramblings that come from a decade of nonstop globetrotting.

Awesome HoliDaze Authors

Kellie Netherwood    

  My Destination Unknown

No matter how we travel there is always further to go. The world is full of open doors โ€” new friends to make, different cultures to experience, inspirational images to capture and lessons to learn on life’s journey to My Destination Unknown.

Jared M.

  ATX Daze

My creative genius confuses others so I pull strings from the shadows. A decade ago I was traveling the world with my childhood friend Derek but eventually had to return to reality.

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