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HoliDaze offbeat travel guides to all that is quirky, unique and off the beaten path.

After a decade of nonstop travel, everything starts to get a little boring. So how do you make it more interesting? Get off the beaten path, immerse yourself in strange new cultures and exotic locations, then experience the coolest overlooked sights and activities that you never knew existed.

Offbeat travel in all its glory

  Traveling “offbeat” is about discovering the strange, unique, offbeat and off the beaten path sights/activities/foods that make a particular destination different from everywhere else in the world. It’s about traveling differently. Trust locals instead of TripAdvisor. Embrace “going with the flow” and trying something different. Chase new adventures around the world.

Travel Different. Travel Offbeat.

Unique, Offbeat Anaheim Sights & Activities

Like most of California’s cities, Anaheim can be a fun, cool, and quirky vacation destination — especially if you know the right places to get off the beaten tourist path….

The Best Unique & Offbeat Budapest Museums

Budapest is a unique, vibrant and historic destination that is popular with travelers from around the world. Even those who do not have the time to explore all of Hungary…

Unique Adventures to Consider when Visiting Singapore

The tourism industry in Singapore is booming with more than 17.4 million international tourists visiting the country in Southeast Asia during 2017. Apart from picturesque natural landscapes, Singapore also offers…

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