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Japanese Toilets: Impressive, Futuristic…And Daunting To First-Timers

There is nothing more gratifying than a top notch toilet. And when it comes to fancy toilets it is fairly ...
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Trekking Annapurna Conservation Area Guide: What (Not) To Do

My first experience in Nepal was filled with earthquakes and relief work, so it was not until my third trip ...
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Traditional Alcoholic Beverages To Try While Traveling

Do you love an ice cold bottle of beer or a glass of wine? No, I’m not going to tell ...
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JJ Green: Thailand’s Cool, Quirky & Offbeat Night Market

Night markets are common not just in Thailand but throughout most of Asia. However they all tend to have the ...
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Memorable Moments of Insignificance in Myanmar

I am the type of traveler who loves to get off the beaten track. I head to a destination keen ...
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The Remote Chavayan Village, Batanes: A Trip Back In Time

The tiny village of Chavayan is located on Sabtang Island, part of the Batanes region of the Philippines and permanently ...
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