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What Is The HoliDaze?

The HoliDaze is a travel community that connects fellow bloggers and backpackers from around the globe while also educating and inspiring others to get up off their couch and see the world with their own eyes. Our great planet is a dynamic and diverse place but perhaps the best fact is that it is also constantly changing. Recent news continues to illustrate that very fact. And that is all the more reason to keep traveling, to continue learning and experiencing all life has to offer and gaining knowledge every step of the way.

Make The Most
Of Every Minute.

Look at it this way: There are over 200 countries in the world yet some of them are changing fundamentally within months or even mere weeks, as recent global events have proven time and time again these last couple years. Just because you saw one place years ago does not mean that everything about it still stands true today. Besides, does a few weeks or a month backpacking through a country relate constitute knowing it? One could spend a year or more in countries like China and India yet still continue to find/learn new things on a daily basis far beyond that. As a matter-of-fact, that is one of the most beautiful aspects of traveling!

By combining all of our knowledge and insights as a group we can form a more accurant and up-to-date grasp of current travel recommendations and worldwide advice on tourism trends. Our goal here at the HoliDaze is to show people the world, and in doing so, inspire others to travel as well, to get out and see the world. There is so much out there to see and do, people to meet, places to visit, excursions to take, great times to be had and unforgettable memories to be made. Life is not all about technology -- there is a giant world full of culture and history waiting for you. And the foods...amazing! I know it sounds cheesy, but I always tell people that my original inspiration for traveling so much was that one song from that classic 1994 Disney movie The Lion King. You know the one I mean, it’s called Circle Of Life and goes:

there is more to see than can ever be seen, more to do than can ever be done!   ...

Together what we hope to do is create an ever-expanding collection of articles that highlight just how many fantastic places and fun activities there are to experience all around the world, as well as compile a network of active blogs and travel sites to entertain and encourage viewers to travel outside of the box.

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