10 Reasons Solo Travel Is Better

Why is solo travel better than traveling with friends or family? Sure, there are many pros and cons to each — but it is up to everyone to decide which works best. Many of us who are single tend to do most of our traveling solo. Until recently I wasn’t sure how I felt about that but as of late I couldn’t be happier than when I’m traveling alone.

If your like me and are on the fence about traveling alone or always trying to dig up a travel buddy, consider these reasons and you may just end up wanting to travel solo.

Top 10 Reasons Solo Travel Is Better

1. Less Baggage

And no I’m not talking about actual luggage. When I say less baggage I am referring to the amount of hassle that ultimately comes with anyone you are traveling with. This could just be the age of the person (kids, elderly), the amount of luggage they bring with them and consequently drag through the airport, and also their personality. When you travel solo the only person’s “baggage” you have to worry about is your own.

2. Sitting Alone

Sitting together on a plane always seems like a good idea in theory, it’s always nice to have a familiar face — but in all actuality how much talking do you actually do with your traveling partner? In my case it is next to zero. I usually am way to tired to talk or end up putting in head phones to listen to music or catch the movie that’s playing. So if sitting alone is your reason for not traveling alone, you might want to reconsider it. I LOVE sitting alone on airplanes — especially when I have an entire row to myself 😉

3. Less Stress Through Airport Security

I can’t tell you how many times the line at airport security has gotten me into a tizzy. It’s bad enough when it’s just one person going through but if you’ve got a few people in your party then you can bet your ass your going to be waiting awhile. This also comes in handy when traveling internationally. Just recently I was in a predicament where lines through Customs and Immigration were very long, thank goodness it was just myself traveling or I probably would not have made my connecting flight.

Reading by the sea is a great way to relax on vacation -- another reason solo travel is better than group travel because you can do things like this without feeling guilty
Reading by the sea is a great way to relax on vacation

4. No Back Seat Drivers

I can only take another person’s opinion on what travel plans should be so many times before I actually start to get annoyed. Traveling solo is the perfect chance for you to do what YOU want to do. There is no one else telling you when to go, where to go, and how to do it. Consequently this is also excellent for solo road trips.

5. Come And Go As You Please

This pretty much goes hand in hand with the previous statement. It’s really nice to be on your own schedule as far as your plans go. Traveling with multiple people or even just one can often make making plans seem difficult. While there is always compromise, there is just never enough time on a trip to get to see and do what everyone wants.

6. Having New Adventures/Experiences ALONE

It’s good for your soul to try something new and different all by yourself. After my recent trip to Costa Rica, I learned the importance of just that. If you constantly feel scared or nervous to venture out by yourself, your life will not be as fulfilling.

7. Finding What It Takes To Be Your Own Person

Once you’ve decided to venture out on your own you will really see how far you can push yourself. Whether it is learning a new language or swimming with sharks you will really test your limits. I spent a good part of this Summer finding out who I am and I couldn’t be happier. Perhaps you’ll find out you don’t like traveling alone but at least you can say you did it.

8. Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Push that threshold just a little bit, please? If you knew me 8 months ago you’d never hear me say that. I speak from experience when I tell you how good you will feel after. After embracing a new culture and language (which really pushed my threshold) I’ve come out of it a new person. The newness of life EXCITES me now!

Another benefit of solo travel is making new friends while trekking Annapurna in Nepal
Making new friends while trekking in Nepal

9. Meeting New People

This is one of the best parts about solo travel. This could also push your threshold if you’re a bit shy. It will force you to interact with others (something I’m still working on when traveling). You’ll never know who you will meet and what they could potentially offer you in life. Whether its new friends or simply networking with other companies, putting yourself out there is one of the best things you can do.

10. Stories

Who doesn’t love a good story? I have more stories from traveling this Summer then I know what to do with. The best part about this is you can put it directly into your website or blog. Not blogging? Well keep a journal of your travels, trust me you’ll want to remember the details.

How long term travel changes people forever

So whether or not solo travel is for you, you have to admit that it does sound pretty amazing. From finding yourself to networking you really can’t go wrong. If you’re not quite up to solo travel then I encourage you to start small. This can be simply taking a road trip to the next state alone. I would also encourage that if you are traveling with multiple people to take some time apart. Discover the city, town, or state you are visiting on your own. Finding simple ways to get your solo travel in will not only fulfill you as a person but make you crave it as part of a regular getaway.

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11 thoughts on “10 Reasons Solo Travel Is Better”

  1. In my early days I did several solo trips, and I have now also done both trips with my husband and trips with my family.

    Both options are fulfilling, but I really enjoyed a work trip to the USA I did last year – I managed to swing a weekend in Seattle and a weekend in Huntington Beach.

    It was lovely to be a tourist again by myself and just wander at my own pace. No compromising or worrying about the children needing yet another toilet stop…

    I still enjoy travelling with my family but the solo travel options is still a winner as well!

  2. I always wanted to go traveling alone as it would enable me to do the things no one else would. Yet after traveling with my partner, realised that stories are built with other people not alone… I’d never be able to keep up with my travel blog alone either!

    • Lol totally know what you mean Al, I’m perpetually behind on my travel blog and a bit envious of all those traveling couples — not only splitting the expenses but also the workload, a win-win situation. Although locals are a lot less likely to approach a couple than one lone traveler….

  3. Hey Lindsay,

    All the points are definitely true. I’ve been travelling alone in south-east asia a lot these last few years and i’m addicted to it, not the least beacuse I get to do whatever I please 😉

    Couchsurfing is a great way to travel solo, if i might add.


    • Agreed, I also meet SOOOOO many more people when traveling solo. Locals are more likely to approach one lone person than a group or even a couple. Can’t even count how many locals I’ve become friends with simply because of a smile that started a conversation.

  4. After 30 years of marriage I am wallowing in the enjoyment of travelling alone. No complaints when the hotel is not up to scratch or your flight is cancelled. No arguments if you change your mind every morning. Solitude and loneliness are totally different emotions. I can sit on an Indian Railway Station and people watch without feeling like I am wasting someone else’s time. I can catch a train and talk to the locals, stay in a 1 star hotel, walk anywhere and talk to anyone….all the things I could not do in the past. I guess if you are young and in love it might be different…but I am 64 and I now can do what I effing well like !!

    • Completely agree, I’ve been traveling alone for a decade now and feel no desire whatsoever to start traveling with the missus, would rather just keep traveling alone. Best part of solo travel is that locals are more likely to approach you and start a conversation if you are alone, rather than a couple or a group.

  5. F***uck me, I like traveling solo, I met/slept with 3 different girls from three different countries, I was like a fool dancing on rainy day in the street with Gangam style song … I’ve done the craziest things that I would never do with partner… love traveling alone


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