5 Best Jobs Where You Can Earn Anywhere In The World

The last couple of years haven’t seen much in the way of travel but, mercifully, things look to be back on the up again. More and more borders are opening up, restrictions are being eased and people are starting to find themselves with the confidence to roam around the world again. 

Fortunately as well, all of the Zoom quizzes and online-only workplaces the pandemic brought has led to greater flexibility when it comes to where and when people work. So, if you’ve found yourself with itchy feet and a thirst for some travel, why not check out these 5 jobs where you can start earning money anywhere in the world 🙂 

Virtual Assistant 

Anyone who’s ever worked anywhere will know how many plates need spinning to keep a business running. And often it is the smaller, more menial tasks that either end up taking the most time to clear, or get completely pushed to the side. 

To combat this, more and more companies have begun hiring assistants to help out. Whether it be responding to comments, sending emails or creating presentations, there are ample opportunities to work with companies in an assistant position. What’s more, a lot of these positions come with a fair amount of flexibility when it comes to your schedule – all you need is an internet connection to get going! 

TEFL Teacher

Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) is one of the fastest growing job markets in the Travel industry, and often one of the first things people think about when it comes to earning money abroad. Whether it be immersing in the classroom in the flesh, or through online distance teaching, it can also be a hugely rewarding opportunity. 

Whilst the requirements often vary country-by-country, most of the time a higher education qualification and TEFL certification (as well as a positive attitude!) are all you need to get yourself involved in the process. 

Web Developer 

With the world moving digital, more and more people have begun to realize that this Internet thing isn’t just a fad, and that having an online presence is no longer optional. This has led to web developer jobs becoming quite the lucrative position, regardless of your location.

Web Developer roles often stretch much further than just creating a visually-stunning website, with most clients offering continued opportunities to assist with updates in how it performs and operates. What’s more, with so many great resources available online, the flexibility that comes with web development allows you to always continue honing your skills and staying up to date with the latest trends. 

Fitness Instructor 

Ever fancied taking your passion for fitness with you around the world? Whether it’s in-person coaching or from a distance online, there’s a real buzz around the personal trainer market at the moment thanks to the rising popularity of products such as Pelotan. 

There are even opportunities for fitness freaks to take their skills with them abroad, with plenty of recruiters looking for teachers to host regular classes at hotels, retreats and resorts where some of the major job benefits include free roam of the facilities, a flexible working schedule and sometimes even on-site accommodation.


Maybe your passion is more based around languages? Be it English or any other language around the world, there are plenty of job opportunities for those with a keen eye for detail in a copy-writer or proofreading position. 

Stories, blog posts, transcripts – all sorts of digital pieces of content need to be as optimized as possible these days, and proofreading jobs have proven to be one of the most remote-friendly options for those who like to take their work with them on the go. Heads up though, prior experience is usually required for the top-end positions because the aim is to always elevate a piece of content higher than what a regular readthrough from anyone could do.

Additional Inspiration

These are far from the only jobs that you can do in nearly any country. In fact, the more you research, the more you realize that a surprisingly large amount of jobs can be done from nearly any location. Especially since the onset of Covid-19, more employers have become embracive of the “work from home” mentality.

Don’t want to be a classroom TEFL teacher? Teach English online instead. Don’t want to meet strangers in the gym every day? Teach fitness online instead. The possibilities are literally endless in this modern digital age — you just have to be willing to embrace them!

Determine what you love and want to do for a career — and then think about how it can be done digitally or remotely. “Work from home” remote working opportunities have never been more plentiful than they are now! Try to use Jooble to find your best job!

What jobs have you had working abroad?
What job would you love to work internationally?

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