5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Safe Place to Park Your Car at JFK Airport

Flying out of JFK in a stress-free way requires quite a bit of planning, and one of the things you can prepare in advance is where to park your car for the duration of your dream vacation.

With so many options for parking geared towards JFK passengers, it’s important to choose a location and a provider you can trust to keep your vehicle safe and secure.

 Lots of factors impact this, so let’s go over the main talking points when weighing up long term parking at JFK airport.

JFK airport parking

Is it gated?

This is an easy to overlook yet important aspect of any parking facility. If security is a priority, make sure that gated access points are present throughout, going above and beyond the more basic barriers which are still very common.

The rise of automatic security solutions and associated technologies means that in many instances these gates will be able to open and close only for legitimate, pre-booked customers, which will give you added peace of mind about your car’s integrity when you are hundreds or thousands of miles away.

Are there on-site security personnel?

Having security team members monitoring entry points and patrolling the expanse of a parking structure is another reassuring aspect, and one which lots of providers deliver to keep customers content.

You may feel more comfortable if flesh and blood employees are combined with the aforementioned automated and remote monitoring systems, both from a security perspective, and in terms of customer service. 

For example, you will appreciate being able to get assistance from a real human if you encounter any issues when trying to park up at a facility, especially if you are running late for your flight.

Where is the facility located?

The location of an airport parking provider is another important aspect that will impact your decision, but not necessarily in the way you might think.

You could consider that the closest facilities will be the safest, but this is not necessarily true. Those that allow customers to benefit from valet services, and instead keep their cars at a more remote yet suitably secure location, could be better, especially if you are looking for cost-effectiveness as well.

JFK parking area at sunrise
JFK parking lot at sunrise

Are the cars kept under cover?

Open air parking lots are common in and around a lot of airports, but JFK has the benefit of being large enough to encourage providers to invest in more comprehensive structures that provide cover to the vehicles of their customers.

This is a security factor in the sense that if vehicles are shielded from the outside by walls, there are fewer points of access to worry about, and less likelihood that thieves or vandals will be able to get inside undetected.

The other advantage of having your vehicle kept under cover while you are away is that it will prevent it from being exposed to whatever damaging weather passes over JFK during this period. If you keep your car in a garage at home, then this might be a deal-breaker.

What is the reputation of the provider?

Finally, you can work out if you are parking your car with a safe and secure provider near JFK airport if you check up on their reputation.

Past customers will invariably have provided feedback and reviews online, so with a little research you will be able to separate the top operators from those that have a little catching up to do.

You can also ask people you know who have parked at JFK before if they have any recommendations, as word of mouth advice is still valuable, even in the internet age.

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