6 Biggest Money Wasters To Avoid When Traveling

Traveling can be one of the most memorable and rewarding experiences in life. However, if you’re not careful with your spending, you might end up remembering it for being very expensive. While it’s important to splurge on certain aspects of travel, like comfortable accommodation and experiences, there are also several common money wasters that are best avoided if you want to keep your budget intact. If you’re planning your next trip, here are some of the biggest money wasters to steer clear of.

Overpriced Accommodation

While it’s tempting to book a fancy hotel room or resort for your trip, these types of accommodations can quickly eat into your budget. And, if you’re not planning to spend a lot of time at the hotel or resort and prefer to be out and about seeing the sights and getting into local activities, it’s not worth paying more than you have to. Instead, it’s worth looking for budget-friendly hotels that offer all the amenities you need, or even considering alternative options like Airbnb or villa rental.

Dining Out for Every Meal

Eating out can be a huge expensive when traveling, especially if you are visiting a popular tourist destination. To save money, consider renting accommodation with a kitchen so that you can self-cater some of the time using food from local markets or grocery stores. Or, if you don’t like the idea of cooking when you’re meant to be vacationing and resting, consider booking an all-inclusive or full-board package where your meals are included. While this is typically more expensive initially, you’ll probably save money on the cost of going to a restaurant three times a day for meals.

Excessive Transportation Costs

Transportation costs can add up quickly when traveling, especially if you are renting cars or booking taxis. Instead, consider using public transportation, looking into local bicycle rental options, or walking wherever you can. It’s also worth looking into transportation options at your hotel or resort – some offer free shuttle bus services to guests to take you into the most popular nearby areas and back.

The view from an airplane window is quite nice. Nothing beats air travel.

Booking Flights Too Late

Flights can be one of the most significant expenses when traveling abroad, and there are plenty of mistakes that people make that lead to wasted money. If you’re planning to fly, then don’t leave it too late to book your tickets. While you might get lucky and grab a good last-minute deal, there’s also just as much chance that you won’t – and you’ll have to pay more due to the increased demand as the flight date gets closer. Use a flight search engine tool to track prices, so you can take advantage and book when the best ones come up.

Overpriced Activities

While experiencing new activities and adventures is often the best part of traveling, some are overpriced and not worth what you pay. It’s worth spending some time researching before you book any activities and consider booking online in advance to avoid costly fares on the day. Plus, you can save money by finding free or low-cost activities like visiting local museums, free historical attractions, or free walking tours.

Unnecessary Souvenirs

While souvenirs can make great gifts or something to remember your trip by when you return home, they can also be a huge money waster. Instead of buying a bunch of cheap trinkets that you will probably never use, consider investing in one or two quality items that you’ll make use of and cherish for years to come.

While there are plenty of good things to spend your money on when traveling, it’s crucial to avoid getting caught by these money wasters.

What are your favorite money-saving travel tips?

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