Bangkok Seashell Museum Photo Gallery

After passing by the Bangkok Seashell Museum countless times over the last five years, I finally decided to check it out. Turns out they have a clam big enough to eat me and lots of other cool stuff.

As a fan of unique and offbeat museums, I have been curious to visit the Bangkok Seashell Museum for several years. The only problem was….I couldn’t go alone. What sort of loser goes to a seashell museum by themselves???  It might be one thing if this museum was on the seashore and I was stopping by for a quick visit on the way back home from the beach ― but not when it’s located in the middle of a sprawling metropolitan city! And not alone.

Thankfully I had a friend to join me.

The small but modern Bangkok Seashell Museum is three stories and is packed full of thousands of seashells from hundreds of different species all painstakingly arranged by size and color into elaborate displays. Most have information on where/when they were found. Was quite surprised to see that the shells here come from countries around the world, not just Thailand and other Southeast Asian nations.

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Signs in Thai and English scattered on the walls of each floor provided detailed information on the types of species we were looking at and where these specimen were found. The museum is definitely interesting, even if you do not know the slightest thing about seashells except that they tend to be found on beaches more than mountains. Tend to.

3rd floor of the Bangkok Seashell Museum in Thailand
Welcome to the Bangkok Seashell Museum in Thailand, home to over 3,000 seashells

  Entrance was 150 baht per person (around $4 USD) and despite being three stories, it takes less than an hour to thoroughly examine and cover everything. If nothing else, it is a great way to escape that horrendous Bangkok heat and do something offbeat.

Giant clam at the Bangkok Seashell Museum in Thailand
Look at the size of this clam!

Tridacna gigas, otherwise known as the aptly named Giant Clam, live in offshore reefs 2-20 metres deep (6-65 feet) and can weigh up to 300kg (660lbs). This giant clam only weighs 150kg (330lbs) despite each side of its shell measuring more than a metre across — that’s almost four feet. No one is stealing it anytime soon.)

Yes, the Bangkok Seashell Museum is pretty damn cool.

So cool it even won an award for being a “very good” recreational activity. That’s certainly no “outstanding” and not quite an “honorable mention” but hey at least you’re getting closer. Keep up the good work.

Exploring the Bangkok Seashell Museum in Thailand
Throughout the museum there are giant signs on the walls in both Thai and English further explaining about the seashells on display, the differences between species, even when and where they were found

  Bangkok Seashell Museum Map

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