Photo Gallery: Beautiful Batan Island

Batan Island is the central island in the Philippines northernmost province, Batanes, and is dominated by Mount Iraya, an active volcano. Visitors of the region will land in her shadow at Basco, the main town and home to all the hotels and homestays.

The southern half of the island also has a volcano, although this one is inactive and considerably smaller than its giant brother to the north. However the two collaborate together to create a magnificent rolling landscape that is a favorite among Pinoy photographers.

Although I spent several days exploring Batanes only one day was dedicated to photographing the main island — and just my luck it would be cloudy and sprinkling on and off the entire time. Short on time and unable to extend my stay in the region I was forced to go out and shoot it anyway.

So please don’t let my cloudly, lackluster photos deter you from visiting Batanes  

House Of Estrella, Batan Island, Batanes, PhilippinesThe House Of Estrella (more popularly known as the House Of Dakay, after Jose “Dakay” Estrella) was built in 1877 and is the oldest house on Batan Island. The roof is made of thatched cogon and is replaced every 25-30 years, depending on its thickness.

Batan Island, BatanesLife on Batan Island goes at a much slower pace

The Old Spanish Bridge, BatanesThis old Spanish bridge was built in the mid-1800s using lime instead of concrete and is still in use today

Old Army Base, Batan Island, BatanesSee the building on the left? That used to be a small American Navy station but is now being turned into a museum.

Batan Island panoramic photo from Batanes in the PhilippinesTaken from the cliffs looking back towards the island and single road that wraps around it. The old Navy buildings from the previous photo are visible here on the far right.

  Here’s a gift for all you Pinners 😉

Beautiful Batan Island is in the most northern and remote part of the Philippines

Mount Carmel Church, Batan Island, BatanesMount Carmel Church, Batan Island

San Carlos Borromeo Church, BatanesInterior of San Carlos Borromeo Church

Beautiful Batan Island, located in Batanes, PhilippinesA-10-TION: NO TRESPASS!NG (with Mount Iraya in the background)

Boulder Beach, Batan Island, Batanes in the PhilippinesKnown as Boulder Beach, these rocks originally came from a volcano eruption in the 1400s and have since been rounded and polished smooth by the waves and the years.

Vayang Rolling Hills panoramic shot. It's more fun in the Philippines.Panoramic of the Vayang Rolling Hills, Batan Island

Batan Island caves in the PhilippinesThese caves were carved out through the mountain by the Japanese in WWII. They have tunnel exits at all four points of the compass, allowing them to easily observe approaching ships from all directions.

Boat Shelter Port on Batan Island in the PhilippinesBoat Shelter Port on Batan Island

Local kids playing ball in Mahatao on Batan Island, PhilippinesLocal kids play a game of basketball outside of the school on Sunday morning

The Great Road of BatanThe Great Road of Batanes

Rolling hills of Vayang via Dreidel of Why Stop Over

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