Candy Is (Not-So) Dandy In Tokyo

If you don’t know, you don’t need to know.

Wow this city is fucking awesome! Tokyo is great! Mayu is great! Her source hooked it up too. It is going to be a shame to leave but I suppose I have to at some point…don’t have my flat anymore and can’t live on her couch forever. Oh well, don’t want to think about that now. All I know is this candy is dandy and we’re havin’ a blast!! (It’s just nowhere near as strong as what I’m used to in Texas and Mexico.)

Tokyo candy is dandy
Homeboy and I….fucked up (him more than me HAHA)

Ever been trashed on foreign soil?

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  This post was imported from my old Shibuya Daze Blogger, a drunken, laughable blog intended only for friends that eventually evolved into The HoliDaze — Why are you reading this old post when you could be reading about all my other exciting adventures and mishaps

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