Competitours: Unique Travel Adventures For Unique Travelers

After a decade of gallivanting around the globe, there is one undeniable fact that I have learned: Traveling without any adventure is not traveling — that is called commuting. True joy comes not from being a commuter but by being a traveler. It’s a simple choice of staying with the herd or getting off the beaten path. Unique experiences and fun-filled adventures are what turn a simple vacation into an unforgettable lifetime memory. And there is nothing more unique than Competitours, one of the most intriguing adventure travel ideas in Europe.

Vienna, Austria skyline

Competition + Travel

Everybody loves a little friendly competition. Part of human nature is that desire to challenge yourself and your skills against other like-minded individuals. As travel lovers, we tend to always keep an eye out for the next grand adventure that would make the perfect story or result in priceless, one-of-a-kind memories. Now there is an opportunity to do just that while embracing the unknown: Competitours.

  Imagine traveling without any itinerary. No idea what you will be doing and no clue where you will be going. All that is you know for certain is that you will be competing for a $3000 cash prize. Be honest, does that excite or entice you? Then this is the adventure you’ve been waiting for.

Bicycles in Amsterdam, Netherlands
No leisurely bicycle rides around Amsterdam on this adventure. The last time Competitours was in Amsterdam the challenges included archery, kite fighting, an escape room and more — see more
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  The Amazing Race for normal people.  

Inspired by The Amazing Race but designed for ordinary people, Competitours are week-long adventures through multiple countries filled with a variety of challenges that are designed to be fun and engaging, not disgusting or scary. Each day is filled with new adventures involving food, history, culture, castles, mazes, myths, scavenger hunts, escape rooms, beaches, beer and more. There is no more unique or memorable way to experience Europe than this!

Hands-on experience making pasta
Food challenges? You had me at food! 😀

Enjoying European adventures and craft beer
Good times with good people

Group Tours With Good People

I’ve never been a fan of group tours. Stuck in a herd while the local tour guide makes unfunny jokes as he rambles on information that later proves to be only half true after fact-checking him online. (“I knew that wasn’t the largest cathedral in Europe!”) Not my cup of tea. But that is where Competitours is different.

Competitours destinations

Competitours is full of normal people like you and me. People who have traveled before but now desire to travel different. People who love excitement, adventure, and unpredictability, regardless of age. Teams include couples, best friends, siblings, even senior travelers. There is no bias when it comes to European adventures!

  Do things you could never do anywhere else.  
– Will @ Going Awesome Places

Climbing the Via Ferrata del Diavolo in Andermatt, Switzerland with Competitours
Climbing the Via Ferrata del Diavolo in Andermatt, Switzerland with Competitours — photo via Going Awesome Places

Planes, trains and automobiles, perhaps even a little boat action as well. Coastal cities, medieval villages, mountain towns….Expect to be visiting multiple destinations in multiple countries over the course of the one week competition. Prepare to be making the most of every single day. Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime. This is not an ideal vacation for people who want to sleep in late or lounge around a resort all day — you can do that with afterward if you win the prize money 😉

  There’s just enough crazy.  
– Becky @ Air. Land. Sea.

Teen Romanchak Yaar and friends on the Rickshaw Run 2015
Our merry band of Runners

Much like the group race across India I did in 2015, this is the type of competition where you make new and long-lasting friendships instead of grudges. There is no made for TV drama here, just strangers on a fun-filled adventure quest. Or as Competitours is fond of saying, strangers on “a blind date with Europe”.

At the end of the trip, the team in first place took home $3,000 in cash, and second and third place teams also went home with cash prizes. However, the competitive spirit did not impact group dynamics at all. Instead, our fellow travelers were friendly, encouraging, and a pleasure to travel with. We started the trip without knowing anyone else and came home with 19 new friends who we’ve kept in contact with via Facebook, email, and even personal invitations to visit them at their homes in the US and Canada.
– Becky @ Air. Land. Sea.

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Zurich, Switzerland
The Summer 2019 Competitours will begin in Switzerland

Curious? Have questions?

I have answers.

Are the challenges hard or scary?

No. Just because it is a competition that does not mean it is physically straining or mentally stressing. Challenges range from food-based to geographical, historical and even mental, such as mazes, mysteries and escape rooms. You do not have to be Captain America or Wonder Woman to join in the excitement, these challenges are designed to fit people of all ages.

  Challenges are not based on being the fastest, but rather on being the most creative, clever, resourceful, spontaneous, etc.  

Competitours has spent nearly a decade improving and perfecting the art of competition travel. Past teams have ranged from twenty-somethings to a pair of sisters in their 70s, even a grandmother and her granddaughter. If they can do it, you can too!

Competitours route map
Map of recent Competitours routes

How often do Competitours occur?

Only twice per year, once in the summer and again in the winter. The next adventure begins on December 16th, 2018 in Salzburg, Austria. The summer 2019 adventure kicks off in Geneva, Switzerland on July 14.   More Info

How many people compete?

Each team is made up of two people, there are ten teams per competition, and the top three scoring teams all win cash prizes. That means you basically have a 1 in 3 chance of winning! Well, technically everyone who competes is a winner, but you know what I mean 😉

Are there still spots available?

In nine years of history, every single Competitour has sold out. Registration is still open for the Summer 2019 adventure, and I believe there are even a couple of slots left on the upcoming Winter 2018 adventure, but you will have to check with the Competitours web site to be certain.   See Dates & Details

Is this kind of adventure for me?

Are you willing to embrace the unknown? Open to trying something new? Curious to learn new things and to challenge yourself? Then yes, this is for you! But if you are still not convinced, there is a quick test on the Competitours homepage to determine if you are an ideal candidate — check it out!

Want To Know More?

Several past participants have blogged about their adventures, not just the few quoted in this article. In fact 20% of Competitours participants return for a second trip, which speaks volumes about how awesome the experience is. To find out more information, check out the official Competitours web site and be sure to browse their extensive list of past participants blog posts, photos, videos and media mentions here.

Does this sound like your kind of adventure?

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