The Cool Highlands Of Sri Lanka

The cool highlands of Sri Lanka occupy the only part of the rain forests that remains in the entire country. It is the natural home of the highly threatened fauna and flora species, endemic Sri Lankan leopard, and the purple-faced languor. This region consists of three protected areas: Horton Plains National Park, Knuckles Range, and Peak Wilderness Sanctuary, which include Adam’s Peak.

  The highest point of the range is the Adam’s peak at 2243 metres above sea level. The peak is a Buddhist pilgrim’s center as they believe there is footprint of Lord Buddha.

The highlands of Sri Lanka are home to massive tea fields and breathtaking views
The highlands of Sri Lanka are home to massive tea fields and breathtaking views

  What to do in the Highlands of Sri Lanka

Peak Wilderness Sanctuary

Peak Wilderness Sanctuary is beautiful and many people come here to climbing Adam’s Top. It is not Sri Lanka‘s most noteworthy mountain however is a principle site of journey due to the petrosomatoglyph that is as a foot shaped impression differently allocated to Buddha, Shiva or Adam. The primary course to the summit begins at Maskeliya and is vigorously “built” with steps. In the journey season the whole way is lined with restaurants. Generally the trip is finished at evening time to touch base in time for the day break which throws a huge shadow of the mountain over the fields underneath. This was our explanation behind going there and, given the colossal throngs of individuals additionally doing the trip, we didn’t assemble much feeling for the characteristic benefits of the region we passed through!!

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Horton Fields

In any case, Sri Lanka is not all that vast unless you are especially intrigued by spotting Sri Lankan endemic winged creatures, Horton Fields won’t reimburse an incredible arrangement as far as “sights”. You may well appreciate getting away from the high temperature of lower elevations and the perspectives are charming enough, however not “tremendous” on a World equivalence scale – even the celebrated internationally “Planets End”. Around these backwoods territories lie Sri Lanka’s principle tea-creating areas and mountain resorts, for example, Nuwara Eliya. In reality, whilst the English chop down the woodland regions which today deliver tea, they likewise sanctioned a strategy which kept the chopping down of any backwoods over 5,000 feet. In the event that you are “doing” Sri Lanka you have to see this region and you should take in Horton Fields whilst you are there on the off chance that you have the vehicle.

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