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Photos, advice and guides to UNESCO World Heritage Sites around the world.

There is no such thing as a boring UNESCO site. Every one of them is interesting and entertaining for some unique reason….a unique reason that you can only truly appreciate by visiting these sites in real life. Even the most beautiful photos cannot capture what makes theses destinations unique and worthy of their WHS status.

Italy and China are tied for the most UNESCO sites — both countries have 55.

The HoliDaze UNESCO Travel Guides

Over the past 12+ years I have visited UNESCO sites in dozens of countries all around the world. As of 2019 there are 1,121 sites in total but despite my best efforts I’ve probably only seen 150-200 of them. Plus since 2008 there are also the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists — that’s another couple of hundred things to see there. But I’m getting off-topic. You came here for UNESCO sites and UNESCO sites you shall have:

The HoliDaze UNESCO Travel Guides

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Jamaica is an island country in the Caribbean Sea that boasts a treasure trove of breathtaking, natural and man-made landmarks, unique artwork, amazing music, and memorable experiences. It is one…

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Kumbhalgarh Fort, also known as the Great Wall of India, is a new up-and-coming off the beaten path destination in Rajasthan that is starting to attract international tourists, instead of…

Halong Bay, Vietnam Photo Gallery

We had a day in Hanoi before departing for Halong Bay, a spectacular UNESCO World Heritage site. The bay features thousands of limestone karsts and isles in various sizes and…

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