Exploring India Off The Beaten Path

India is a vast and diverse country, and one that foreign visitors could spend years exploring without running out of new places to visit. Now that Delhi has become the new base for all my travels, I’ve got some exciting travel plans in the works.

Over the next six months I’m going to be exploring as many of India’s nooks and crannies as possible. From the popular tourist spots in Rajasthan to the remote Himalayan mountains of northern India and the often-overlooked splendor of Eastern India, I’m on the hunt to find the most interesting and intriguing places possible. Check out these 24 off the beaten path destinations in India:

India off the beaten path

Know of any offbeat places in India?     Leave a comment and let me know!

During the last six months I was too busy with the Rickshaw Run and Nepal quake relief to produce new videos and posts at my usual pace. Well, all that changes now.

Today I put together a quick video on How To Cross The Street in India…

…and an AMAZING video on my work/adventures in Nepal

Now it’s time to start editing the footage from the Rickshaw Run (nearly 2TB in all!)

While I’m busy editing footage and traveling all over India (by bus/train this time, instead of by rickshaw ๐Ÿ™ ) take a look at some of these new HoliDaze posts on incredible India:

Kashmir is one of the most beautiful places in India

Where to go camping in India


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13 thoughts on “Exploring India Off The Beaten Path”

  1. Good stuff man. Seems like India and Nepal has you busy doing some really incredible things. And it’s really awesome what you’ve been doing for Nepal as well. Can’t wait to get some of our videos out there from the run and hopefully at some point I can make it over to your neck of the woods. Would love to see more of the off beat India too.

    • Yeah brother, I’ve gotten crazy busy all of the sudden and life has taken a total 180 flip. Who knew I’d end up stuck in this corner of the world for so long. Seems I have a knack for doing that hahaha ๐Ÿ˜‰ Will be great to see ya in October and fill each other in on what we’ve both been up to….cheers!

  2. Nice places. As i see himalaya pic you capture its beautiful and seem very natural. Doing very well. Thanks for sharing such interesting pics to us. Waiting for much more coming very very soon..

  3. Derek awesome stuff dude. Eye popping images. We enjoyed Nepal and Southern India when we traveled thru in 2013, especially Kathmandu in Nepal and Kerala in India. Kerala is a dreamy spot; beautiful beaches, fab people, tea plantations and stunning beauty, and it’s a much less intense spot compared to other places in India. Thanks for sharing with us.


    • Just wait until you start seeing the videos I’m doing. So far they have all been for the client, but I’m also going to be using the footage to produce my own India videos on the most unique and offbeat locations I find ๐Ÿ˜€


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