Hidden Gems and Secret Spots to Visit on a Tour of the Deep South

Nearly 80% of Americans have currently planned trips in 2022. They are mostly interested in scenic views, historical sites, and road trips, among others. If you’re planning a journey by land, consider the southern states. From South Carolina and Mississippi to Oklahoma and Texas, America is teeming with exceptional places ready for exploration.

The best part is some spots in these states are not well-known, so chances are high that you don’t have to deal with crowds and can enjoy the place by yourself.

Amazing Spots in Texas

If you start your trip in Texas, don’t miss the Hamilton Pool, an underground river 23 miles off Austin. It is the state’s favorite swimming hole and is located ¾ mile upstream from its confluence with the Pedernales River. There is a 50-foot waterfall where you can see people jumping off the limestone diving boards.

Blue skies and beaches at South Padre Island, Texas on the Gulf of Mexico
Blue skies and beaches at South Padre Island in Texas

For those looking for a ‘secret beach’, head to Boca Chica Beach in Brownsville, where you can camp, fish, swim, and drive on sand. However, be careful when maneuvering sandy spots as you can easily get into trouble. For example, the Desert Sand Dunes of Texas covers 4,000 acres of sand dunes, considered the most beautiful in the state. To drive properly in the area, you must have the appropriate vehicle to navigate this type of terrain.

If you’re implicated in a crash, a car accident attorney can help you get compensation for damages and injuries that may be sustained. However, the best practice is to stay safe on the road. That means taking frequent breaks when driving long stretches, ensuring that the vehicle you’re driving is road worthy, following traffic rules and regulations, and keeping yourself and passengers always belted.

Oklahoma’s Best Kept Treasures

As you continue your trip, take the I-35N towards Oklahoma where you can visit Little Sahara State Park named for its similarity to the Sahara Desert. Get your adrenaline high while riding ATVs or dune buggies. Take magnificent photos of the dunes and the desert.

Have enough sand and dunes? Visit the pristine Lake Murray and swim in its crystal-clear waters. Lake Murray is also a state park where you can do plenty of outdoor activities such as hiking and camping. If you’re looking for a unique state park, swing by at the Great Salt Plains Park. It is known as the only place in the world for ‘hourglass-shaped selenite crystals’ which attract rock enthusiasts from all corners of the globe. 

The Southern states are not only known for their culture and history, but they have also distinguished themselves as home to unique spots and beautiful attractions. A road trip to these parts of America will surely become memorable and unforgettable.

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  1. All noted, Derek. I have been in the Deep South for the past few months. NC, SC, GA, and now back to SC for a few months before we head back North. What a charming section of the country.



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