HoliDaze Travel Videos

Holiday? Or HoliDaze

Travel without adventure is not travel, that’s commuting.
Don’t be a commuter, be a traveler.

Although I produce travel videos for a living, they are all for clients in the tourism industry. Occasionally I produce HoliDaze videos of some of the most exciting adventures — they are embedded on the posts below. Also check out the travel+food video series:   Derek Eats That!

HoliDaze Travel Videos

Off The Beaten Path in The Bahamas

Just because this archipelago is a hugely popular destination for cruise ships and romantic getaways, don’t be fooled into believing that there is no stone left unturned in the Bahamas….

Derek Eats That! Cockroaches

“Don’t be afraid of what I eat — be afraid of what I won’t eat.” Of course eating cockroaches is not quite as delicious as you might think. (And this…

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