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We have started a Rickshaw Run ONLY newsletter that will be used to notify our most loyal supporters of new videos, crazy stories and other goodies before we go live with them via social media. So, if you want to be the first to know, I highly recommend typing in your email addy here:

In Closing…

I’m not even going to tell you how much money we spent in total on Rickshaw Run entry fees, plane tickets, visas, hotels, rickshaw deposit, rickshaw supplies, and electronics gear to compete in this event. Safe to say that just for my portion alone could have funded my nomadic lifestyle for several months, instead of just two weeks of white-knuckle fun.

We Are Trying To Raise $1,000 To Purchase Our Remaining Necessities

After unsuccessfully trying to get Western Digital, Seagate, and a whole slew of other technological brands to sponsor us, we started a fundraiser to help us buy the extra gear we need to film the Rickshaw Run in all its maddening glory. So far we have raised more than 50% of our goal but time is running short!

If you have a few dollars that you can spare, please support us. As a way of showing thanks we will mail you a gift from India after the race:

Thank You All SOOOOO Much!

We appreciate all your support (in no particular order): Nellie Huang, Susan Magee, Lauren Bassart, Amrita Das, JD Degtjarewsky, Sandy Andrews, Lola Dimarco, Shane Yeager, Sunil Sharma, Julie Greene, Kat Simpson and four additional donors who wish to remain anonymous :) Thanks to all your help we are more than halfway to our $1,000 goal!

Thanks again everyone and keep an eye on the mail next month for your gift from India!

(And if you happy to have any bored millionaires as friends, please do send them our way. Thanks!)

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    • Beer? I like beer! Haven’t had any in forever too. That six-week housesit in the middle of nowhere in Malaysia was rough. But ohhh so nice too, got a lot of work done. Anyway, see ya soon buddy!

  1. I’m sure we will too — just like I’m sure you’ll be living vicariously through others for the next several years 😉 So we’ll make sure to do it right and honor your can-do and will-do spirit along the journey.

  2. How cool and active Team we are I must say 🙂 Love you guys ! Yes I m exicted to start this trip on the top of my eye.And show you India in most crazy way possible 🙂

    • Love ya too Rutavi, that’s why we invited you to join us 🙂 And that’s good, because crazy is my middle name. You know in Indonesia they call me “bule tergila” which translates as “the craziest white guy” hahaha 😛

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