Milford Sound….without any tourists!

After windy Surat Bay, I drove along the coast to Te Anau chasing famous sounds. You know…the Milford Sound and Doubtful Sound. Te Anau was a really beautiful place with a beautiful lake and the refreshing background noise make it even more beautiful. It is a little town, mostly popular in summer but now, in the winter, it was almost deserted. No worries though — without the tourists it was even more beautiful 🙂

On the way to Te Anau, New Zealand, famous because of the Milford and Doubtful Sounds

The next day I headed to Milford Sound. 120km to the Sound and 120km back. The highway to Milford sound dates back to the 1930’s but I was happy it gave me the opportunity to go there. I also wanted to go to Doubtful Sound but that was almost impossible….unless you have lots of money 😉

Beautiful view of sunset at Milford Sound in New Zealand

  Milford Sound is New Zealand’s most famous tourist destination and tends to be crowded.

Milford Sound in Te Anau, New Zealand

I was warned about the big buses headed to Milford Sound and told me to avoid the mornings and late afternoons. But of course I didn’t listen. In Te Anau it was pretty much deserted, so Milford Sound would be the same, right? I was totally wrong!! Lots of big buses, especially Chinese. Yeah, Chinese tourists are pretty much everywhere nowadays. But in the end, I did a pretty good job of avoiding them. Cheers for me. 🙂

Milford Sound in Te Anau, New Zealand

And it was a pretty amazing view. I didn’t do a boat trip to see the sounds up close but the drive was well worh it. Alrighty and now back to Te Anau. Another 120km’s and after that heading to the party and ski town called: QUEENSTOWN!

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