Mount Cook Village – Oamaru Road Trip: Penguins & Colonial Buildings

Before I left Mt. Cook, I took one last look at the amazing view. Staying longer was no option, because there was so much more to see in the South. Early in the morning, when my car windows were still frozen, I decided to drive more south, towards Oamaru. I drove along a few beautiful lakes that New Zealand has to offer: Lake Aviemore, Lake Benmore and Lake Waitiki.

The road to Mount Cook Village, New Zealand
The road to Mount Cook

Around noon I arrived in Oamaru. Best described as a sweet, little town. I rang the doorbell at the hostel, that was situated just off the main street. A woman in nightgown opened the door: Love, come on in! It’s a bit of a mess (you might say that!) but I decided last minute to go to London, to see the Olympics and my son, who lives in London.” She decided to close the hostel for two weeks. “Oh, and you have to take this.” She gave me a list of all the backpackers that made reservation in this hostel but were going to the Empire Hotel Backpackers.

Driving north from Mount Cook Village to Oamaru past the beautiful lakes of New Zealand
The road to Oamaru

Before she send me off for my mission, she gave me some tips about what I should definitely should see here in Oamaru: “You have to go see the penguins tonight, just after sundown, just follow the smell, oh and don’t forget to go the farmers market, oh and you have to see this en that…..” A lovely women but a minor case of ADHD.

Empire Hotel Backpackers in Mount Cook Village, New Zealand, is actually a hostel -- a really awesome one!
I highly recommend Empire Hotel Backpackers in Mount Cook Village

I drove with my list to the Empire Hotel Backpackers where I also was staying. It took me quit a while to find the hostel. You wouldn’t think it would be so hard because it was on the main street. When I arrived, I was one of the few in the hostel, but that didn’t matter. It was a beautiful old building from 1867 with a lot of history and I enjoyed the little town and the nice weather. That night, I went to look for some penguins. I smelled the smell, but sadly we saw no penguins….

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