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Bags Packed, Let The RTW Adventure Commence!

Well, the bags are finally packed once and for all. No more expensive plane tickets back and forth to the USA. It’s time for a legit one-way RTW adventure. No idea where I’ll wind up but that’s the point! I’ve sold my “Cowboy Cadillac” (a GMC Sierra Texas Edition pickup truck) and condensed a 1600 square foot house and nearly all of my possessions into Big Bertha, my trusty backpack. The few items that couldn’t fit in there (or strapped to the outside) were stuffed in two small additional bags. And WOWZA the altogether all my possessions in the world weigh 29.2kg (that’s 64.24lb for my American friends).

The gear I will be taking with me on my RTW adventure
Rushing to pack the last of the gear

I’m not going to bother listing everything in the bag…no one cares about that anyway. But suffice to say I should hopefully be set. Key ingredients include: not one but two money belts, zip ties, (2) locks for hostel cabinets, a jar of Round Rock Honey, and zero plans 😉

In addition to Big Bertha there are also a few additional handheld bags. The first one is full of electronics, including a digital camera, HD video camera, two tablets, the laptop I am typing on now, and various other related components. The second bag has a few extra clothes that could not be squeezed into Bertha.

Derek and his luggage at the start of his RTW adventure
Travel light? Not me! 😉

And then I have a third bag full of TBEX swag. They gave us all lots of free stuff at TBEX but I’ll admit, a large portion of it hit the trash can before I even left Canada. What remains has some potential usage but alas, I have just too damn much stuff. Some more things are going to have to go. Maybe I can give away some of this stuff to some needy kids here in Indonesia…

Yes, that’s right, I’m currently in Indonesia already a month into my RTW adventure. It’s been so much damn fun I haven’t had any time to write but today I’m trying to catch up.

So Tell Me More About This RTW Adventure Of Yours…

Derek's RTW adventure map
Behold…the first leg of my RTW adventure! For more info read the full post

At some point I hope to be able to further reduce my load to only a single backpack…or I’ll move up to three as I get more gear. Who knows.

  Equipatrip was gracious enough to send a few key supplies my way, including a money belt, water absorbent blanket, and luggage locator. Check out their site for a variety of useful gear for your upcoming trip, whether it be by land, sea, or air.

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