Unique, Offbeat Anaheim Sights & Activities

Like most of California’s cities, Anaheim can be a fun, cool, and quirky vacation destination — especially if you know the right places to get off the beaten tourist path. From ultimate trampoline dodgeball to the unique Barbeer — greatest barbershop ever — these are some of the most entertaining offbeat Anaheim activities to experience.

Screw Disneyland — check out these places instead!

Did you know that according to the folks at Guinness World Records, the skinniest house in the United States is located just a few minutes from downtown Anaheim? Or that the area is home to the same production company that built the official “Saw” haunted house — and that they do tours?! The next time you visit Anaheim, make your trip more memorable by checking out a couple of these these offbeat Anaheim sights and activities.

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Top 5 Offbeat Anaheim Sights & Activities

Center Street Promenade

Whether going for the people-watching or the one of a kind shopping, Center Street Promenade is one of the most unique and offbeat neighborhoods in all of Anaheim. Where else can you drink a craft beer while getting a haircut in a turn-of-the-century barbershop? Only at the Barbeer 🍻

Getting a haircut with a beer at the Barbeer is one of the most unique and offbeat things to do in Anaheim, California

Not your thing? Don’t worry, there is plenty more to see, do, eat and buy here. From unique souvenirs to vegan snacks, chic clothing stores to handmade jewelry and sustainable household products, Center Street Promenade has something for everyone. It’s gentrification at its finest! 😂

Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park

Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park, one of the offbeat Anaheim, California activities

Think of an amusement park combined with a strange trampoline world, and the end result would probably look something like Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park. Opened in 2012, Sky Zone bills itself as the world’s first trampoline park. From ultimate dodgeball to trampoline basketball, this place is pure bouncing madness! It’s also a great way to get some exercise while having a truly unique experience.

The Nation’s Skinniest House

Measuring just over 9 feet wide (2.7m) and less than 50 feet deep (15m), this thin little three-story 860 square foot house — less than 80m² — on Gladys Avenue was built in 1932 after the owner of this tiny parcel of land was bet that he could not build a house on it.

America's Skinniest House is located in Long Beach, California and certified by Guinness World Records

Not only did he win that bet, but 50 years later the house became a historic landmark after attracting the attention of Ripley’s Believe It or Not! and Guinness World Records. Although ownership has changed several times over the decades, each owner has been a friendly host to curious visitors. After all, when you live in a historic landmark, you kind of need to be 😉

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Sinister Pointe

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Sinister Pointe is a haunted house production company. It has created sets and animatronics for attractions all over the world, including the official “Saw” and “Silent Hill” haunted houses. However, their home studio is in north Anaheim, and they do tours! Ultra-secret tours that forbid you to talk about what you witness. Now tell me, that doesn’t sound interesting?

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The Donut Hole

The famous, quirky and delicious Donut Hole drive-thru doughnut shop is one of the oldest offbeat Anaheim activities

Imagine a drive-thru bakery shaped like two giant doughnuts, and the cars drive through the donut holes. Doesn’t that sound amazing? Oh yeah, and their doughnuts are delicious too! This, my friends, is The Donut Hole in La Puente, a suburb of north Anaheim, which has been a local landmark for more than 50 years. Although the original doughnut shop went out of business in 1979, this one location has withstood the test of time, thanks to its unique design. It now is home to a different bakery. Over the years, the shop has become so beloved by locals that it is actually a tradition for newlyweds to pass through the doughnut holes. Now that’s the best reason I’ve ever heard to have your wedding in Anaheim 😉

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BONUS! Offbeat Anaheim Beer

California is known for its craft beer and every self-respecting city in the state has at least one craft brewery. Anaheim has several, but my two favorites are Unsung Brewing Company and the more well-known Anaheim Brewery. Both have tasting rooms located on Anaheim Boulevard just a couple of blocks from each other.

No working during drinking hours beer sign, found at the Anaheim packing district

Unsung Brewing Company is an award-winning superhero-themed brewery and unsung hero of the California craft beer scene. Although their tasting room — affectionately referred to as Palate Sanctuary NO. 001 — only opened in 2016, Unsung has already attracted a loyal fan base of beer connoisseurs thanks to their commitment to making great beer. In addition to their permanent brews, small batch R&D brews are also available for public consumption at the Unsung tasting room.

“Potential evils lurk at every step of the brewing process. Unsung Brewing was forged to ensure great beer lives to see another day.” And like every good superhero, every good beer has a backstory. Check out the current brews and learn the backstories here.

Anaheim Brewery originally opened in 1870 but after 50 years was closed down due to prohibition. It took another 90 years before the new and improved Anaheim Brewery was established in 2010. Located in a 1920’s era warehouse in the packing district, the brewery’s Beer Garden is “an oasis in the heart of downtown Anaheim” where visitors can sample the different brews seven nights a week. For hours and current beers click here.

In closing, don’t make the mistake of thinking that Disneyland is the only thing to do in Anaheim. There are plenty of other offbeat Anaheim sights and activities to occupy your time instead — and they all cost less!

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