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Singapore is a small island city-state, which means that it quickly gets boring for uninformed travelers. Three days in here and you have literally done it all — or so you might think. Next time you find yourself passing through Lion City, drop your bags off at the hotel and then knock a few of these strange and offbeat Singapore activities off your travel bucket list 😉

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Never been to Singapore before? Read Singapore For First Timer’s and First Impressions of Singapore first, and then once you know a bit more about this country, delve into its offbeat side below.

Pekan Quarry on Pulau Ubin, one of the offbeat things to do in Singapore
Pekan Quarry on Pulau Ubin, one of the offbeat things to do in Singapore

The Top Offbeat Singapore Activities:

Explore Pulau Ubin, the Last Kampung

Singapore is a sprawling metropolis — at least the main island is. However, up north, next to Malaysia, lies the smaller island of Pulau Ubin. Known as the Last Kampung of Singapore, this island is the only place you can still see the traditional village houses of the past. Only around 100 residents remain today, surrounded by lush flora and diverse fauna. There are plenty of hiking and biking trails to explore and quiet beaches to relax on. Definitely a nice retreat from the city life in Singapore!

Haw Par Villa is an intriguing and bizarre religious theme park that has become a strange tourist attraction -- and one of the many offbeat things to do in Singapore
Haw Par Villa is an intriguing and bizarre religious theme park that has become a strange tourist attraction. It is one of the many offbeat things to do in Singapore

Haw Par Villa, the Hellish Theme Park

Dating back to 1937, Haw Par Villa has earned itself a reputation as Singapore’s most bizarre tourist attraction and religious theme park. Originally known as the Tiger Balm Gardens, it was built by two brothers, the same duo who created Tiger Balm rub.

The park was designed to teach Chinese mythology, but over the years it has evolved into an over-the-top collection of over 1,000 multicolored statues and giant dioramas depicting various — and often gory — scenes from Chinese history, folklore, and legends. Haw Par Villa might not be off the beaten path anymore, but it is still the most offbeat Singapore destination. It doesn’t get any stranger than this!

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Offbeat Singapore activity #1: the G-MAX reserve bungee jump is a wild ride and very f'in cool!
The G-MAX reserve bungy is a wild ride 😉

G-MAX Reverse Bungy, 5 Gs of 360-Degree Fun

Located right on Clarke Quay, this is one activity that every visitor to Singapore has seen but few ever try. The G-MAX reverse bungy is like nothing else you have ever experienced. Strap yourself in, and get ready. After being slingshot up in the air, reaching speeds of up to 100 km/hr, riders bounce and fly around in what G-MAX politely refers to as a “swing” — ha! This experience is so uncommon that I recommend having someone else film your ride. Besides, at 45 SGD, it’s the cost of two drinks in Clarke Quay — and definitely more worth it.

Selfie Coffee prints a photo of you on the foam of your coffee. Just one of many the offbeat things to do in Singapore
Selfie Coffee, as the name implies, prints a photo of you on the foam of your coffee

Selfie Coffee, Where the Name Says It All

To make a long story short, a Taiwanese company developed a machine that prints photos onto coffee foam. Of course, the next logical step is to use this for selfies instead of trippy designs. If you don’t mind paying a hefty premium for your coffee and waiting a few extra minutes (yes, even longer than usual), you just might be a perfect fit for Selfie Coffee. And where else in Singapore would it be located than the hipster hotspot that is Haji Lane?

Leave the cement jungle behind and head out to Kanji to experience offbeat Singapore
The road to Kanji at sunset

Visit Kranji, the Fabled Singapore Countryside

Up in the northeastern corner of Singapore off the beaten path lies Kranji, the forgotten offbeat Singapore countryside that most tourists do not even realize exists. Yes, there still is a part of the main island that isn’t a cement jungle! Here the jungle is still thick, and small farms are scattered among it.

The biggest and best-known is Bollywood Veggies and its Poison Ivy Bistro, which serves what is arguably the freshest food in all of Singapore. There are also several nearby parks and nature reserves worth exploring, including Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, Kranji Reservoir Park, and Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve.

Get out and explore the countryside of Kranji, one of the offbeat Singapore things to do -- its full of butterflies
Get out and explore the countryside of Kranji

Beyond just greenery and fresh foods, Kranji also has plenty more to offer. Horse racing takes place every Friday and Sunday at the Singapore Turf Club, conveniently located right next to the Kranji MRT Station. The Kranji War Memorial pays homage to all the fallen soldiers from all the nations who helped defend Singapore from the Japanese during World War II.

Singapore may be small, but the harder you look, the more you find.

What other offbeat and quirky sights or activities would you recommend?

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