Perla del Pacifico: Mansion Turned Pirate Hostel + Private Art Collection in Costa Rica

Located on a four-mile long sand peninsula, Puntarenas is a relatively small coastal fishing town that also supports a lot of tourism. While there we happened to stumble upon this magnificent mansion turned hostel on the northern shore, the Perla del Pacifico (which as you may have guessed translates as “Pearl of the Pacific”), the one destination that single-handedly became the pinnacle of my entire time to Costa Rica. Literally the last type of place I ever expected to discover in the middle of a sleepy little fishing village in Costa Rica.

It was like instantly transporting to a tranquil environment far from Central America — a place that truly has to be seen to be believed.

As Puntarenas is lacking in both hostels and hotels, Perla del Pacifico is the only accommodations you will find without having to taxi it back 30 minutes further deep into the mainland. Even more conveniently, it is located on the same block as the Calypso Cruises office and dock. Right after we came back from Tortuga Island we were able to walk a few steps and be at our next home on the road — a freakin’ mansion!

Relaxing outside enjoying the view from the wraparound balcony of the Perla del Pacifico

Walking through the front doors you are greeted by a beautiful marble staircase that leads you either to the main level with the jacuzzi and outside courtyard, amongst other things, or upstairs to the kitchen and dining room, multiple guest rooms, and a gorgeous wrap-around balcony with a breathtaking view. As if the house itself was not exquisite enough, it is stocked full of artwork and collectibles from all corners of the globe.

  The artwork is all from the collection of the Pearl’s owners, Michael and Elisabeth, experienced travelers and connoisseurs of the world. Be it canvases of Audrey Hepburn, old Asian artwork, rare drawings, original pictures of Salvador Dali and his wife, or any one of a thousand other exquisite collectible pieces of artwork and sculpture, everything seems like it is in just the right spot.

Sound good? Well, it gets better. How do you become world connoisseurs? By traveling the world. And that is exactly what Michael and Elisabeth have done. From the minute we walked in the door the conversation just flowed endlessly! Michael has some of the most fantastic stories to tell, Jared and I frequently got lost in the most random yet intricate conversations with him and his wife. Regardless of whether you are a first-time traveler or cultural enthusiast, travel blogger or gap year adventurer, you will feel instantly at home here.

Exploring Our Bedrooms at Perla del Pacifico  

  From the owners, Michael and Elizabeth  

We – French/German artist couple – just finished restoring a historical mansion – national patrimony – that has been build in 1920 and graciously combines Venetian & Caribbean architecture. To support the project, we rent two exquisitely furnished bed rooms, each containing a modern bath room. You are going to have free use of our kitchen, dining room, salon, jacuzzi, a lovely garden with grill-pavilion and petanque-court and many other amenities of our palace.

Finally, here are a couple videos we filmed at Perla del Pacifico

Taste-testing Rambutan in Costa Rica

Derek Freal Drunk On Cacique Guaro

  HoliDaze Approved! I cannot stress enough how highly we recommend this place. Fellow world travelers in Costa Rica, I urge you to visit Puntarenas even if solely to swing by Perla del Pacifico and meet Michael and Elizabeth. The conversations alone are well worth swinging out of your way to Puntarenas. Tell them Derek @ the HoliDaze sent you and you may even get a li’l extra loving 😉 To stay at Perla del Pacifico, contact Michael directly at [email protected]

  Also, if you are going to be in the neighborhood, read about our trip to Tortuga Island with Calypso Cruises. Their dock is located one building down from Pearla del Pacifico and its a great way to enjoy the two best things about Puntarenas during the same trip 😉

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