Postcards from Malacca “The Historic State” Malaysia

I recently joined a trip to Malacca, specifically Malacca Town Centre, which is rich in culture and heritage, loaded with historical sites and ancient artifacts. I got to spend a whole day there but trust me, it’s not enough! 🙂

Postcards from Malacca 'The Historic State' Malaysia
Welcome to Malacca! (Also spelled Melaka)

Malacca is a ‘tourist-friendly’ city, loaded with backpackers from all around the world…a very colorful and pleasant sight for first time travelers. While the possibilities of having a sunburn and tanned skin is high in the noon, it gets very breezy, calm and cloudy in the evening. It’s like a signal that the ‘backpacking’ adventure that starts since the early a.m. needs to be switch to a relaxing ‘hanging out’ mood. This is also the time when people starts filling in the kopitiams (traditional coffee house) and mamak stalls.

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Postcards from Malacca 'The Historic State' Malaysia
Melaka Straits Mosque in Malacca, Malayisa

The journey took five hours due to traffic (I am from Kuala Lumpur, it normally only takes 2-3 hours) but easy, I was traveling by bus. There is also always a faster alternative (i.e. flights) to get there.

St Francis Church in Malacca 'The Historic State' of Malaysia
Church of St Francis in Malacca City
Postcards from Malacca 'The Historic State' Malaysia
Beauty is everywhere in Melaka!

As soon as I reach the drop-off point, its a pleasant sight of blue sky and colorful flowers. I get around just by walking, but hey, you can always hire a trishaw! It’s cheap (ranging from 15 MYR above) and its cool. It takes you round town and places you wish to go. They even personalized it.

Check this out: Here is my simplified list.


  • Shop   Dataran Pahlawan Mall and Mahkota Parade (they are just opposite each other)
  • Eat   The specialty of Malacca is asam pedas, make sure to try it! I like Restoran 35 and Banda Hilir 🙂
  • Visit   St.Paul’s church, A Famosa, Maritime Museum, Stadhuys, Jonker Street


  • Hire   Trishaws and other rides
  • See   Scenery of Malacca Town (ride on Menara Taming Sari, it’s just beside Dataran Pahlawan) Admission fee: 20MYR for adult and 10MYR for child
  • Eat   asam pedas (spicy chicken), cencaluk (fermented prawns), cendol (Malaysian dessert)
  • Try   A river cruise, street shopping and GETTING MARRIED IN THE MIDDLE OF THE TOWN! (I came across three couples that day!)
Postcards from Malacca 'The Historic State' Malaysia
Random wall in Malacca

Malacca is also a good place for a first time photographer, because basically you will not be in the limelight as you will see many (I mean a lot!) of people with their cameras hanging round their neck, ready for action.

It is a much slower pace of life here than in Kuala Lumpur…..people here actually stop their car to allow pedestrians to cross!

Overall, I recommend Malacca City for first time travelers to Malaysia, especially solo travelers and backpackers. Good luck and Bon Voyage!

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  1. Sounds like a very interesting place to go. For Americans trying to travel there. Is there a lot of English printed on the signs and bus routes?

    • Hello Jared, indeed a nice place. 🙂 Dont worry bout the signs, most Malaysians speaks English and if I’m not mistaken they provide maps and you can pretty much just walk around the city. Or take a trishaw. :)Be sure to ask around and Im sure they will be happy to help. Happy traveling! 🙂


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