Puntarenas: Exactly Where The Universe Wanted Us

So by Jared’s last post you may or may not have realized what we stumbled upon in Puntarenas. Let’s just say for all the shit that happened along the way, it all worked out in the end. It was where we were meant to be. These final few days in Puntarenas absolutely and undoubtedly made the entire trip worth it. And by some chance we ever do go to Costa Rica again, it would only be to see our new friends there again.

Tortuga Island, Costa Rica
Downtown Tortuga Island, Costa Rica — home to 12 people

After taking the Tortuga Island day-trip in/out of Puntarenas (thanks again Jen!), Jared and I ended up staying at this gorgeous mansion decadently covered in granite and marble and with artifacts from around the world. Coincidentally enough, it was actually located right next door to the cruise line docks — the first sign that the universe wanted us here.

Perla de Pacifico
A small portion of the upstairs balcony at Perla de Pacifico in Puntarenas

The mansion is owned by two world travelers, a German husband and his French wife, and it has been their labor of love these last four years, an ongoing renovation from essentially scrap to this magnificent masterpiece. Recently they have begin taking in a few backpackers now and then, not only to meet and interact with other world travelers but also to help (at least slightly) offset the renovation costs, which are still ongoing.

Our last night there two Nicaraguan workers completed a covered outdoor dining area with large cooking area and nice stone floors. While the lightning and rain stormed all around us in the most amazing of colors, all six of us had a fresh-cooked feast which we had purchased at the market that morning and plenty of local beer to wash it all down.

Perla de Pacifico
Jared chatting with our host, Michael.

Yup, it was pretty incredible. Check out some of our adventures and don’t miss the pics of this mansion. We also filmed a video while in the kitchen / dining room:

More On Puntarenas To Come Soon!

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